A Parents Solution – Safe, Non Invasive & No Medication Required!

The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®


Having problems with your children?

Are they misbehaving, causing havoc at home?

Are you embarrassed to take them out?


The Goulding Process is a valuable tool for you to get your child back. Rediscover the love, friendship and bonds that only a parent can have with their child.

No damaging medication or invasive therapy & it only takes a few minutes a night. It is simply a proven solution for parents that they can do while children are asleep.

Once learnt the protocol takes parents just a few minutes every night. It’s a non-invasive, gentle and loving approach to normal childhood challenges.


Phase 1 –  Happiness Insurance for Children.
Phase 2 – Allows children to relax become calm, happy & resilience in areas of their lives.
Phase 3 – Improves & reduces demanding behaviours & major development issues.

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Confident & happy

I can only say (the child) has exhibited some excellent improvements and some outstanding breakthroughs not just at school, but in his home environment as well.

I do believe a lot of it was related to his lack of confidence and lack of belief in himself, and now he is coming on in leaps and bounds. Thank you so much for bringing such a beautiful gift and tool into the world dear Joane.

You have truly been blessed with a very precious and amazing talent. It truly does create miracles in the lives of children and their parents.                                                             SleepTalk® Parent  – Australia


A Parents Solution For Children with Difficulties, or Children with None.

The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® isn’t a cure for illnesses, but a gentle way to enhance children’s self-esteem and make their lives more positive. It’s for every parent who wants their children to reach their potential, whatever that potential may be.

It’s about fertilising your child’s mind with the power of the positive and giving your child the greatest gift of all: an attitude of happiness and confident self-esteem.

  • Once parents learn the underpinning knowledge of The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®, it empowers them to help their children achieve self-confidence & inner strength.
  • Families report that positive change occurs after just a few short weeks. This allows parents to continue to give their children positive suggestions to help with general & specific issues in their lives.
  • The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® has been called the gift for life, the parents solution. It is a safe, ethical and non-intrusive process suitable for any family & does indeed lasts for life.
  • Children’s healthcare professionals have been using The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® process for over 30 years throughout the world.
  • Would you like a second chance to undo the possible harms caused by unkind words, they may have said to their children during a busy day.

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The effects of auto-suggestion stay with our children for life!

“Speak well to yourself because your deep mind is always listening.”
Devin Hastings

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Please note, only authentic Goulding Process – SleepTalk® trainers, consultants &  professional interns are listed on the Goulding Institutes International Register & have undertaken stringent training & currency protocols.


Consultants Feedback:

“It was difficult for the parents of ‘I’ to be in public with her. ‘I’ often became furious and had extreme temper tantrums. She could not follow rules and could not be controlled. She was diagnosed in April with autism from which her father had suffered also. Her speech was delayed as well as her social skills. She displayed great anxiety and anger. Her eating habits were poor. After the first night of SleepTalk®, she became calm. After one week her mum said: “ I love you”,  to which she replied the whole foundation statement. 

After 3 months her improvement was so great that we could add a specific statement regarding her eating. She is now eating everything on her plate and proudly enjoying it!

She has steadily improved and is good to excellent in many areas. Her concentration, speech are greatly improved and she loves her preschool. Daily she says “I love you” to her mum and sometimes all the statements and includes her teachers and the preschool children. The parents are very happy with her progress. 

Accredited Consultant: Carol Ann Hontz – Hungary.


Our son has made remarkable progress

Parent feedback: “Our son has made remarkable progress and I’m very pleased and will continue with the process. ‘P’ is now calm and doesn’t get angry when he doesn’t get his own way. The immediate challenge just now is his addiction to the computer. We have offered another specific suggestion and we are eternally grateful to our consultant.”    

Accredited Consultant: Carol Ann Hontz – Hungary


Anxiety – Aggression – Sibling Rivalry – Bullying.

Consultants feedback: 

The process helped the parents to change their lives and they are now a much happier and calmer family. The teachers at school are offering them very positive feedback about their son’s behaviour. His issues when in the schoolyard have stopped and he is no longer the victim of bullying.

He writes and speaks much more, started to sleep without the bedroom lights on and his relationship with his sister has improved. The nail-biting just happens once in a while, only occurring when he is very nervous. They say that some members of their family say to them that they almost don’t know their son, he is now so confidant and his behaviour with them is much better.  The parents also stated that their relationship has changed. They have started to speak about love every day and because of that, it’s become easier to tell each other: “I love you” which was difficult for them before. 

Accredited Consultant: Graça Nascimento – Portugal



Our daughter is a normal teenager now.

Our daughter is a ‘normal teenager’ now, very caring with the grandmother and the brother. Organized at school with good grades as she wants to study at medical school. She is now able to organise study and going out with friends, keeping good results at school, helps the parents at home and now has a very positive self-esteem

Consultants feedback: The parents consider the results of the process as ‘awesome’. Even though their daughter was 16 years old and in the beginning it wasn’t easy. Having this results in a teenager showed me that this process is powerful even if the children have a critical thought. The daughter felt she was put aside and jealous because she thought her parents liked her brother better than her. The process made her believe they also loved her and as a result, it changed her mind and she became a happier teenager. 

Accredited Consultant:  Graça Nascimento – Portugal



Lots of  Positive Feedback 

Parents feedback Positive feedback even though they didn’t offer the process consistently. During the 3rd meeting, it was obvious that their daughter had lots of positive changes. She had started to eat normally, stopped wetting the bed, was able to cope with the parents’ absence and was generally happier.

Consultants feedback: Although this was a difficult case, the problems shared by the parents, actually indicated that it was a ‘family’ issue. The child’s behaviour was only a symptom of the parents issues. It was, however, a good case to learn how to deal with difficult situations and even so, the changes that happened in the child’s behaviour were very positive. She is now a happier child, calmer, eating normally and also likes vegetable. The mother is very pleased with the results, every week sending me an SMS saying that the process has changed her life in a positive way. She even told me that she feels a different person and a better mother. 

Accredited Consultant: Graça Nascimento – Portugal