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Joane Goulding is the founding director of the Goulding Institute and has trained and mentored thousands of professional therapists and consultants in this very powerful protocol, empowering parents with solutions to childhood challenges around the globe.

Although the Goulding Institute is situated in Melbourne Australia, the institute is responsible for delivering ongoing specialised training, courses, professional and business development sessions in over 14 countries, including the International SleepTalk® Summits (Conventions).

The Goulding Institute is also responsible for all registrations and accreditations of the Goulding Process-SleepTalk® Consultants, Trainers and Professional Interns around the world and has links to several other professional institutes around the globe.

We look forward to seeing Accredited Consultants at our March 2020 Summit in Vietnam.


The Goulding Institute is a provider of quality Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses and programs with a comprehensive personal and professional development agenda.

The Goulding Institute has received accreditation as an approved training organisation with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).

IMDHA endorses a host of Specialty Certifications by experienced educators and the Specialty Certification as an accredited and Registered SleepTalk® Consultant is now accepted by IMDHA (conditions apply).  In addition Accredited and Registered Goulding SleepTalk® consultants now have recognition for full membership with IACT.

The Goulding Institute is also a provider of quality Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses, programs and workshops.

Courses are recognised by the following professional associations and organisations.

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The first step is to become an Intern, training with one of our Accredited Trainers. Once the required amount of training has been completed, you will progress to become a Consultant.

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The Founder: Joane Goulding

For over 20 years Joane and her late husband Jim Goulding were Directors of a registered training organisation (RTO), The Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science (now AHS).

In May 2016 Joane was awarded the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame Award for 2016 in Florida, USA.

Joane is the author of numerous accredited training qualifications that specialise in the biopsychosocial aspect of stress management and emotional development.

Her professional qualifications span the areas of Clinical Hypnotherapy (she has authored numerous accredited diplomas), Education and Training/Supervision, and (introduction to) Psycho-nutrition.

Joane has received peer-recognition for outstanding lifetime contributions to her profession and speaks to a global audience of clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists.

In 2016 Joane was awarded the International Clinical Hypnosis Hall of Fame Award by IACT in the USA.

The Goulding Institute provides extensive training & opportunities to professionals to become accredited SleepTalk®  professional interns, consultants and trainers worldwide.

In gratitude to Michelle…

Joane developed the SleepTalk® protocol almost 40 years ago to assist her daughter Michelle. Joane Goulding developed the Goulding SleepTalk® process when her daughter, Michelle, was a small child. Michelle had severe intellectual and physical disabilities, and Joane was advised by “experts” to leave her in Kew Cottages (a large Melbourne institution for people with disabilities, now closed) and forget about her.

As far as Joane and her late husband Jim were concerned, this just wasn’t an option. But what were they to do to enable Michelle to enjoy the most happy and positive life possible? Nothing existed! Before Joane had researched and created the Goulding SleepTalk® process, Michelle had become an aggressive, angry person and very difficult for the family to live with.

The strategies Joane applied, day after day, over many months that created changed behaviours are described fully in Joane’s book, SleepTalk®. The results, though not quick, were simply astounding.

Today, Michelle is in her forties, married and though she still has an IQ of around 45, she attends a local TAFE College (Technical and Further Education), manages her own home, and she and her husband save their hard-earned income to take regular holidays in Australia and overseas. For Michelle, every day is a happy day, and she always does her best.

Since those challenging days, Joane has refined, improved and taught the Goulding SleepTalk® process, and thousands of families have experienced the joy of happy, confident children who are making the most of their lives, where there had been shy, anxious, aggressive and sad.

More About Joane Goulding

About SleepTalk®

SleepTalk® is ‘Happiness Insurance’ which is just as important as ‘Health Insurance’

The effects of auto-suggestion stay with our children for life!

“Speak well to yourself because your
deep mind is always listening.”

Devin Hastings

Watch videos:

The Goulding SleepTalk® process which incorporates the ‘Top Hat’ technique, allows the subconscious mind of a child to redefine its belief structure and accept alternate suggestions which upon awakening becomes their truth and reality. Not all children need this process but it’s a given that they will all benefit from it.

Children are our future and as parents we need to recognise this with a sense of urgency. If we are to take care of the children, we need to take care of the now. It’s not what we leave to our children that matters, it’s the knowledge that we leave within their minds.

This two minute gift creates changes that last a lifetime.

Download PDF: The effects of auto suggestion stay with our children for life!
published by The Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis. Volume 33. Number 2 Spring 2011

The Goulding SleepTalk® process is for children with difficulties, and children with none. It’s for every parent who wants their children to reach their potential, whatever that potential may be.

The Goulding SleepTalk® process isn’t a cure for illnesses, but a gentle way to enhance children’s self-esteem and make their lives more positive. You have only to read our testimonials and case studies to see that. It’s about fertilising your child’s mind with the power of the positive, and giving your child the greatest gift of all: an attitude of happiness and confident self-esteem.

“SleepTalk is about giving emotional hugs to our children –
not just physical hugs.”

Joane Goulding

The process is about developing a child’s emotional resilience, the mind’s firewall, which protects against negative suggestions; much like a firewall on a computer protects it from outside interference and damage.

The Goulding SleepTalk® Process appears to activate neuroplasticity and research is currently being conducted both in Australia and Singapore. See recommended books by Norman Doige MD and Dr. Joe Dispenza D.C.

Most of us would agree that it is difficult for children to confidently deal with issues in their life if they are anxious, fearful, unhappy or even believe they are unloved or un-loveable. Children trying to cope with bed-wetting, for example, can be anxious, sad, and lack self-confidence.

Children given the label ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) may in fact be trying to deal with their world and their family. Indigo* or Crystal* children may have been incorporated under this label. And what, you may ask, are Indigo or Crystal children? That has been presented as an alternative way to describe children who are sometimes labelled as “ADHD” or “ADD”.

These are in fact beautiful children, and you may want to check the links that describe such children in a MUCH more helpful light. “They” say that sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but names can never hurt me … but we all know that names CAN hurt, and they can hurt very much. More about Crystal and Indigo children. *Not all Crystal or Indigo children will exhibit all the characteristics mentioned, however it is likely that many similarities will be observed.

Learned helplessness occurs with children in almost any family, and suggestions accepted as truth become part of the belief system of their subconscious minds. Younger children are especially vulnerable, accepting negative suggestions with the same energy as positive ones.

If your child’s belief structure is one based largely on fear or lack of confidence, a feeling of rejection or inadequacy, the ensuing decisions made by their conscious mind will of course reflect those beliefs.


Some Feedback from a Goulding SleepTalk® Consultant

I can only say (the child) has exhibited some excellent improvements and some outstanding breakthroughs not just at school, but in his home environment as well. I do believe a lot of it was related to his lack of confidence and lack of belief in himself, and now he is coming on in leaps and bounds.
Thank you so much for bringing such a beautiful gift and tool into the world dear Joane. You have truly been blessed with a very precious and amazing talent. It truly does create miracles in the lives of children and their parents.



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