The Goulding Process

SleepTalk® – The Proven Parent Solution

This safe step-by-step program empowers parents to improve or overcome their children’s challenges. Once learnt and applied correctly, the process takes only a few minutes a night and the results are outstanding and are life-changing.


The Foundation

Improves Anxiety, Happiness, Self Esteem & Confidence.


The Bridge

Corrects Poor Habits, Separation Anxiety, Sibling Rivalry & Temper Tantrums.


Specific Statements

Addresses Development & Major Behavioural Issues, Speech, Sleeping, Toileting or Eating Disorders. (Ideal for children on the spectrum including ODD – ADHD – OCD challenges.)

The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®

  • empowers parents to help their children to achieve self-confidence & inner strength.
  • shows parents how to give their children positive suggestions to help with general and specific issues in their lives.
  • is a safe, ethical and non-intrusive process suitable for any family and lasts for life.
  • has been used by pediatric & children’s healthcare professionals for over 30 years.
  • gives parents a second chance to undo the possible harms caused by unkind words they may have said to their children during a busy day.

“Learned helplessness occurs with children in almost any family and suggestions accepted as truth become part of the belief system of their subconscious minds. Younger children are especially vulnerable, accepting negative suggestions with the same energy as positive ones.

If your child’s belief structure is one based largely on fear or lack of confidence, a feeling of rejection or inadequacy, the ensuing decisions made by their conscious mind will, of course, reflect those beliefs.”

Creator & Founder of the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®,  Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Joane Goulding

Joan is an engaging, international keynote speaker who has delivered papers at conferences around the world, sharing the successes of this simple but effective program.

This protocol provides parents and health professionals with a safe, ethical way of assisting children to deal with their major and minor issues, thus creating a happy, calm and stress-free home environment.

The process is endorsed by members of the hypnotherapy, counseling, medical and psychological professions and is essential knowledge for any therapist working with families, especially those experiencing anxiety.

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