The Benefits of SleepTalk™ – John S. Cheetham – Consulting Psychologist

Research into the Benefits of the Goulding Process – SleepTalk™ for Children

Our organisation was commissioned by Joane Goulding to conduct research into the outcomes and effectiveness of their product: The Goulding Process – SleepTalk™ for Children. Over a period of some months we studied the history of SleepTalk™, monitored the progress of children involved in SleepTalk™ and received ongoing feedback from parents by way of self-administered questionnaires.

Our research into the process began with a discussion of SleepTalk™ with its creator, Joane Goulding, and continued through the briefing of the program’s facilitators and support staff. Observations made over this period suggest a long history and much experience has led to the inception of SleepTalk for Children™.

A major component of our evaluation of SleepTalk™ for Children was an international literature search into the theoretical basis of the process. The outcomes of this aspect of our research are outlined in this report.

Research Report on SleepTalk – John Cheetham

SleepTalk™ for children affected by the Black Saturday bushfires

This document by Karin Plummer BHSci (Nurs), GDip Nurs, MSciM (Pain Mgmt) Dip Health (Clinical Hypnotherapy) reports on a project to evaluate a pilot study utilising the SleepTalk™ for Children process to promote emotional resilience in children following the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria.

SleepTalk for Children – Promoting emotional resilience following the Black Saturday bushfires