SleepTalk® Results & Parents Feedback

For over forty years, The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® consultants, trainers & professional interns have had the pleasure of working with thousands of parents & hundreds of GPs, psychologists & psychotherapists.

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What Professionals Say

“Children deal with trauma in a different way to adults, often not able to express what they are feeling as a result of any trauma. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the most debilitating anxiety disorders, creating a number of behavioral and emotional changes in children that, if not treated properly, stay with the child for the rest of his or her life. PTSD is formed when the unconscious mind is involved in a death, disaster, rape, or early physical danger.

The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of treating such traumas in children, bypassing the normal communication methods and allowing the unconscious to let go of the intrusive thoughts, flashbacks and anger associated with such memories.

Using strategies that the unconscious understands, Joane Goulding’s SleepTalk® process forms a direct path to the parts of the memory holding high levels of anxiety and distress, encouraging the mind to reframe the original event and strengthening the self-image and an awareness of safety. With the parents involved in the process that awareness of safety is enhanced. I highly recommend The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® for all anxiety disorders in children.”

Gary Johnston. Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Specialist in Trauma and PTSD


“I am a qualified medical practitioner and psychiatrist. I have used the technique of The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® for many years.”  “The SleepTalk® protocol is a safe, effective and a very valuable process. I have found it useful in my clinical practice and recommend it highly.”

Dr. Eileen Feeney, MB, BCh, BAO, DCH, FRANZCP
Registered MD and Psychiatrist


“Joane Gouldings SleepTalk® process is a sensible practical and easy-to-follow method of communicating important messages to the subconscious mind. This process should be used by all parents, educators and health professionals and the practice adopted in the management of all disorders in which the mind plays a significant role.”

Professor Ian Brighthope, MBBS, Dip Ag Sci, FACNEM, FASEM, MAIAST
Fellow of Australasian College of Nutritional
and Environmental Medicine


“By hearing enough examples of positive and effective thoughts, delivered by a person with whom the child enjoys a close and loving relationship, the child can eventually discard negative feelings and self-defeating statements and replace them with powerful and useful ones. In this sense The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® shares many parallels with a well-recognized psychological  therapeutic approach known as self-instruction or self-verbalization.”

Alex Bartsch, BA (Hons) Psychology
Director, Zenith Professional Development
(Corporate psychology consultant & former Police Homicide Detective)


Cherie de Hass lectures both here in Australia, Asia and Europe and contributes to many magazines, writes articles on herbs and well-being, has a busy practice in Melbourne and is now treating the fourth generation of many of her patients.

She states: “I have used the Goulding process – SleepTalk®  for over thirty-five years. This is not a therapy and does not involve taking medications – just a commonsense approach to parenting. My daughter Monique, whose formative years, benefited greatly with The Goulding Process- SleepTalk®, giving her self-confidence, security and love. 

Monique now uses this incredible protocol on her own children with wonderful results.  One day when discussing her childhood and The Goulding Process- SleepTalk®, she told me when she was a little girl, she would sometimes hear me come into her room and would pretend to be asleep, because she loved hearing me tell her all those positive things that made her feel, peaceful, happy, loved and very safe!

Now three generations, and thirty-five years later, I know my grandchildren will continue using this miraculous process to help them achieve their goals and aspirations, to teach others how a happy and healthy mind can help overcome many of life’s obstacles that may be thrown our way.

“The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® is one of the most valuable and credible processes that I have encountered in over thirty-five years, and is suitable for children of all ages and stages of development.”

Cherie de Hass,
Fellow, Australian Natural Therapies Association
 Former Presenter: Healthy Wealthy and Wise
Naturopath, Author and Media Writer


“The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® is an invaluable aid for families and therapists in improving family attitudes and intimacy, the program is easily and unobtrusively implemented and can be readily adapted to suit all children and family contexts.

It is with pleasure that I commend to you the SleepTalk® program by Joane Goulding. The SleepTalk® program is an excellent resource for caring families. It is simple and easy to use for all parents and suits children – from gifted to talented to challenged – to enhance their peace of mind and belief in their abilities.

It empowers parents to give their children positive suggestions to help with general and specific issues in their life. It aids parents in taking action yet still allows the child to take responsibility for his or her own growth. The Goulding Process -SleepTalk® is an invaluable tool for boosting a child’s self- esteem. 


Dr. Janet Hall, MAPsS
Clinical and Counselling Psychologist


“The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® is a positive, natural, non-invasive and non-harmful treatment regime, the benefits of which can literally last forever. There is no doubt that the time is now right for the benefits of the Goulding Process –  SleepTalk®  to be disseminated more widely among healthcare professionals and the general community.

I wholeheartedly support Joane’s effort to make The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® more widely known.”

Jeff Berger, BA (Psych), BTH, Grad Dip.
Counselling Psychologist


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What children say

“The fairies talk to me at night and they tell me they love me.

They sound just like my Mum”

“I know you love me because you tell me so at night Daddy”

“Mum will you say those nice things to me again tonight”?

Parents, The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® is your solution, take the next step & find out what a difference, just a few minutes a night can do.


What our parents say

“My children have become calm again and the household is happier, thank you for giving me back my child.”

“I have been presenting the Goulding Process -SleepTalk® with my son who is 9 yrs of age for 6 months and I have a new boy! He’s back to being my loving, caring and helpful son who has found his self-esteem and self-worth again. I am so proud of him and a huge believer in the SleepTalk® miracle. It is amazing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”


“Initially I didn’t think The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® would have the potential to work on my 3-year-old daughter; however after trying the technique I found my daughter to be calmer and more settled with her bedtime routine. The process was very easy to follow and manage. It has been a worthwhile contribution to my daughter’s very healthy sleeping routine.”


“Since starting the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®, the whole family has noticed an improvement in my son’s behavior. It is hard to believe that with so little time and effort our daily lives have improved so much.


My son is a much calmer boy now and has fewer tantrums, in fact, it is now a rare occurrence that we have to send him to his room for time out (it used to be a couple of times a day at weekends). It is also a lovely time for me to go into his room at night and whisper to him which is a nice end to the day regardless of it being a good day or not. He is definitely waking up ‘bright and happy’ these days – we love it!”


“We have been continuing doing The Goulding Process -SleepTalk®  Foundation and have observed some pretty great developments with ‘N’ which are more obvious since his return to school. He seems to have acquired a whole new work ethic and is participating in school work activities and seems to be generalizing this knowledge outside of his school environment and is even doing some academic work ‘just for fun’! Oh My Goodness, I am so very thrilled about this!!”


No more Tension.

“Amazing progress has been made for ‘Z’, her anxiety levels have been down so much and both parents report that it was possible to prep her for situations and talk her through challenges beforehand, which made a huge difference. 

The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® and the communication techniques are given, helped the parents to respond to ‘Z’s struggles in a different way, which they say has also had a positive influence. Talking her through the situation she will be facing, using rescue remedy nightly and lavender oil to help her calm down in the new situation. The grandparents send pictures of the room she is going to sleep in so that they can use it as a prep-phase help.

The first Mind Profile questionnaire document clearly showed that the main area of concern was anxiety. ‘Z’ did manage to stay in the room with the cousins and she did so easily, to really the surprise of everyone witnessing it. 

Both parents report that there has been an in general improvement of the family situation due to the fact that both parents feel more competent with The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® as a tool. 

‘Z‘s father has softened immensely in his parenting approach with this experience, which in itself is a huge success and eases the tension between the parents quite substantially. Yeah, SleepTalk® !!”

Accredited Consultant – Cornelia Dahinten – Zurick 2019


Less Stressed

“The parents feedback states that he complains less, is doing much better and is much less afraid. He is less stressed or anxious and not biting his nails/flesh anymore. The parents are happy with his progress and mentioned the first time he said to his mother: I love you, Mom! 

The parents said that in the mornings, ‘M’ was energetic and feels happy and that he is getting better and better. 

The end result and conclusion: The parents gave me a call end of July to thank me as their son is still improving. We are going to meet for a third session in September. I have simply loved to work with such caring parents.” 

Accredited Consultant and Trainer. Maha Lahode – Genève 2016


Lot more affectionate

A mothers feedback: “A response to The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® Foundation statements was immediate. The morning after the very first time of using the statements ‘T’ came up to me, looking very deeply at me with a smile on her face; a look which, had I not done the Goulding Process- SleepTalk® work, and thought it might be to do with, would have asked her what the reason for her look was….it was a very different look. Then she came up to me and gave me a big hug. 

She also asked if I could get her a pen and some paper and proceeded to make me a card, whilst I was getting ready to leave. The card had a picture on the front of the whole family, including the dog, all with big smiles on their faces and standing in front of our house. 

It was noted that she was a lot more affectionate when doing the statements, enjoying lots of cuddles, and sitting closely next to us when on the sofas. Though she wasn’t being clingy, she was happy to cuddle then go.

It was also noted how her enthusiasm to go to school increased, with a reduction in her tummy hurt each morning, though this wasn’t fully eliminated.

Her eating seemed to also improve. Less coaxing seemed to be needed, she seemed to know that when one mouthful was finished she should put another in, though she can still be a bit distracted and not concentrating solely on the task at hand. Though the television is still being watched during mealtimes. 

She became a lot happier in attending school, even mentioning regularly that she liked school. She completely stopped complaining that her tummy hurt in the mornings and, in fact, in the year or so since we did the SleepTalk® only once mentioned she was worried about seeing someone she hadn’t seen for a while (which was her Great Grandad which we hadn’t seen for a year…so understandable!) 

No additional work is needed, though the use of the foundation statements from time to time will take place.” 

Accredited Consultant: Rachel Packard – UK – 2016


No instances of  Violence anymore

Parent Feedback: “He’s going to bed without a fuss is now the norm!  Possibly being twinned with a new and regular bedtime routine he now never complains or kicks up a fuss and has even asked his mum on occasion if he can go to bed, as he was tired!” 

“The mum is over the moon. She got very emotional when she remembered how bad it had been at the beginning of the process and how different it now was. His arguing has improved hugely, not totally disappeared, but has been greatly reduced. His unwavering conviction that he is always right has dissipated and he is willing to consider what others say. He is still very affectionate towards his mum, instigating hugs.

The parents are totally thrilled with the outcome because his behavior has improved hugely with no incidences of violence that the mum could remember over the previous 8 weeks.

He goes to bed without a fuss now, which was unheard of, and even unimaginable, at the beginning of the process. His sleeping habits have greatly improved, no longer sleepwalking and only rarely sleep talking. Thus, one assumes, he is getting more and better quality, sleep (which would also help his behavior).

His arguing has also improved. He is more compliant when asked to do something and seems to be very happy acting as part of the family. So, overall, the Goulding Process- SleepTalk® work has been a huge success.

Accredited Consultant: Rachel Packard – UK – 2016


No more problems at school

Parent Feedback: “The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® gave a new start to our family. I started with my 6-year-old son who had a lot of excitement to evacuate and a big lack of self-confidence and behavior problems at school. 

Since then, everything is much better. The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® was advised to me by our pediatrician. I recommend this therapy 100% !!!! .”

Accredited Consultant and Trainer: Maha Lahode – Genève 2018


We saw inexplicable and incredible changes

“For some time, my son had great fears, a lack of self-confidence and an uncontrollable sensitivity (often at the end of the day).  We did not know what to do … see a psychologist? like, everyone…  Thanks to the good advice of my pediatrician, I made contact with Maha. 

We set up the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®. The result: EXTRAORDINARY !! after 5 weeks we saw changes, it is inexplicable and incredible.  A big thank you to Maha for her great professionalism.”

 Accredited Consultant and Trainer: Maha Lahode – Genève 2017


Calm not Fearful.

Parent Feedback: “Hello, I have known Mrs. Lahode by my pediatrician. He told me about the Goulding Process- SleepTalk®. Because my first boy was agitated, my second son was afraid and would shake with fear.

So on September 7th, 2016 I went to see Maha and after that, I started the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® and I can tell you that my children have completely changed in some time they are calmer, the big one is no longer afraid and the little less capricious. A big change. A big thank you to Mrs. Lahode for those words and advice and the Goulding Process- SleepTalk® that really works.”

Accredited Consultant and Trainer: Maha Lahode – Genève 2017


Better energy in the household

“Parents feedback mum has shared with me that many nights ‘E’ was responding physically to The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® and has often either voiced a sigh or even smiled. During the day, manifesting what was said during the night, with parts of the suggestions seemed to make a huge difference to her. Mum had forgotten about it, when I called her a week in to check on her, I reminded her and the result became really visible immediately.  

‘E’ is very vocal and loves to talk things through. The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® had a response in her that “felt like a knot had been undone”. Given the opportunity to talk her through her emotions mum found it much easier to parent her.

Also, dad felt that the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® as a tool, had made him feel a lot more competent as a father because it was so tangible. Both parents also agree that the energy created while doing the process  before they themselves are going to bed. It has helped to create an overall better energy in the household.

As this case has been a while ago and the family has come back to me for further level 2, I can overall say that it has been a strong tool in their toolbox, helping ‘E’ to grow into challenges she was facing and come out stronger at the other side. Really, as a parent coach, I see the value also for the parents who feel more competent with a tangible tool and really supported.”

Accredited Consultant – Cornelia Dahinten – Zurich 2014


Awesome for Autism & Special Needs. 

Feedback: “My learning from this case experience is that SleepTalk® is so amazing and beneficial for children with special needs.  This nightly process can help an autistic child build up his compassion and self-discipline.  It also changes the parents’ expectations and attitude towards their children, leading to more positive parenting.”   

Accredited Consultant: Tan May Chin: – Singapore 2016 


Expressing his emotions better.

Parent Feedback: “Father commented that The Goulding Process SleepTalk® has become a nightly routine for the family.  Even when the Father is lazy at times or forgot,  the wife will remind him to do it.   

They had only missed one night ever since starting the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®   I questioned why the wife is not doing it and he said that both are committed but she has more household chores to do so he will share out the load.   

Recently the parents had a gathering with their friends and it surprised the parents that ‘S’ made friends with them easily and even willing to hold hands with them to go for a walk.  In addition, nowadays when parents try to wake him up, he is happier to wake up and sometimes even able to wake up on his own in the mornings.   The Father commented that his son really is waking up ‘Bright and Happy’. 

‘S’ is able to express his emotions better and the Father felt that his son has grown up a lot during these 3 months.   Previously whenever S did something wrong,  he would say ‘sorry’ when told to say so without much feeling and understanding that he really did something wrong.   

The Father commented that recently he would give random kisses and hugs to the parents, showing his affection more openly to his parents, which was a pleasant surprise to his parents. ‘S’ is less possessive of his Mother even though there are some changes in the care arrangement such as Mother has resumed full-time working. ‘S’ maintains a positive mood when it is time for him to go to school and Mother has to go to work.

Conclusion: My learning from this case experience is that this wonderful Goulding Process – SleepTalk® process has benefitted parents by teaching them about positive parenting.   The parents recognized it as taking care of the ‘now’ for the sake of their child’s future and it is good to start at an early age.”

Accredited Consultant: Tan May Chin: – Singapore 2016 


Confidence has definitely improved

Parent feedback: “The Mother was overall satisfied with The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® process, seeing many improvements in her daughter over the past 3 months. 

Most significant was her daughter able to express her love to the Mother verbally.  ‘Z’ will also spontaneously hug her Mother and this makes the Mother extremely happy and has improved in her physical ability.  The Mother said ‘Z’ is basically a gentle girl and her level of confidence has definitely improved. 

‘Z’ has also improved in her level of concentration as reported by the teachers and ‘Z’ has demonstrated more confidence when striking a conversation with adults and peers.  She is more cooperative and flexible now even if it is not the usual routine for some days and her ability to deal with issues is much better.   

The Mother commented that she was glad that Z has the ability to express ‘no’ to situations that she doesn’t want to be part of  (as opposed to a previously compliant character).  


The parents have noted about her changes in dealing with her stress systems and sensory overload.  She managed to remain calm when another autistic child suddenly hit her unexpectedly.  ‘Z’ was also able to verbalize her thoughts to her parents that she had enough and would like to go back home instead of having a meltdown. 

Overall, the process was carried out consistently every night except for missing a few nights when ‘Z’ was staying at grandparent’s house.

Conclusion: My learning from this case experience is that The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® only takes a few minutes nightly to help the special needs child develop emotional resilience to cope with the outside world.   It amazed me to see an autistic child to have the confidence to say “No” and with a good understanding of why she wants to say that.”

Accredited Consultant: Tan May Chin: – Singapore 2016 


Happier than ever before.

Conclusion: “The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® was successfully applied in this case. Not only did ‘A’s emotions became more stable, she was generally in a better mood and happier than before. 

Mum & Dad learned a few more things about ‘A’ that she did not reveal before. Mum’s relationship also improved as a result. As an added bonus, ‘A’s stuttering had disappeared as a result of her increased self-confidence and lessened anxiety.”

Accredited Consultant: MFA – Singapore 2014


Communicating & Overcoming Bullying & Harassment Issues at School. 

“Mum excitedly texted me that Goulding Process- SleepTalk® really worked. Both parents just had an open-hearted discussion with their daughter ‘H’ about her issues. ‘H’ was moved to open up when the parents promised not to scold or be judgmental. 

‘H’ confided in them that she was facing pressures from her peers, some of whom resorted to psychological bullying by trying to isolate her. The parents were moved and the family reconciled their differences. A short while later, ‘H’ wrote on Facebook giving tribute to her parents for supporting her in difficult times. She also promised to be truthful and always try to make them happy.

One month after starting the specific area of need, Mum happily reported that ‘H’ freely opens up to her on whatever problems she encounters in school. There was no longer friction between ‘H’ and her parents and they were happy to see her making progress. 

Two months after attending to the ‘Primary Area of Need’, Mum reported that ‘H’ did better than expected in the national exams. She felt that the reconciliation made by the family had a part in her better than expected scores. 

Conclusion: ‘H’ had initially lost trust in her Mum and felt isolated, resulting in her becoming rebellious. ‘H’ response to her parents was probably her way of getting back their attention. 

The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® foundation phase had helped both parents and child to reinstate back the love and bridged the trust gap between them. The gap was further bridged by the end of the program with the successful disclosure of ‘H’s’ problems to her mother.

 ‘H’ was happy and reassured of her mother’s love for her, and for the parents, they were just happy that ‘H’ was back in the fold and behaved better and became more cooperative.” 

Accredited Consultant: MFA – Singapore 2014


Found her confidence again.

“The parents’ feedback is that they can see a substantial difference and ‘P’ is already about 60% more positive going to school. The biggest change seems to be the behavior at school though, where the feedback is that ‘P’ has turned into a very lively student, when before the feedback has often been that she needs to speak up more.

Conclusion: The parents both feel the changes with ‘P’ and her feedback is now positive. She goes to her little brother when he cries telling him: “all feelings are ok!” Let’s see what the next couple of weeks will bring but this looks promising to me. Trusting the mum’s gut feeling on what the message needs to address paid off again.

 I loved the fact that mum was looking at the root cause of the effects. The result seems to prove us right. I am happy that ‘P’ found her confidence again.”

Accredited Consultant – Cornelia Dahinten – Zurich 2019


Talking again

“As I have newly started to work with The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®, I have met the mother and her little 5 years old daughter ‘C’ who is a happy little girl and has suddenly stopped speaking to anyone. This is unusual as she loves to talk a lot. It has happened after she got sick (winter sickness), in December 2015.

Mum has started to worry about her daughter and she took her to her pediatrician for a consult. They have run lots of different tests and send her to a psychiatrist. Nothing has changed, and the Pediatrician referred the mother to me.

I have met the mother during the month of April 2016. We have decided with the mother to apply the Goulding Process- SleepTalk®. After 3 weeks, the mother has given me a call:

“I’m so sad, my daughter is still not talking…

 Has there been any change“ I have asked?

 No, she is just talking to her Teddy bear…”

I couldn’t stop myself to say loud: Houraaaa! She was not talking at all… This is amazing…. Suddenly the mother has realized what she just has said and started to cry of joy. 

After 12 weeks with the process, little ‘C’ is talking again and is happier than ever.

This was a real gift for me… I have met little ‘C’ dressed like a little princess in her beautiful dress. In the morning, she said to her mother before visiting me:   

“Mummy I want to wear a dress as today is a happy day…”

Accredited Consultant and Trainer: Maha Lahode – Genève 2016


Happy Little Girls Again.

“Feedback from mum and dad has been overwhelming; they are simply amazed and so happy that the girls are being “happy little girls”. 

The girls have now started to play with each other a lot more and enjoy each other’s company. Mum also discussed with me that there has been a whole shift within the family not just with the girls; mum is now enjoying waking up every morning to 2 beautifully happy children this just makes her day. Dad has now started calling mum cute names that she has not been called since they were married. Dad and Mum are also enjoying each other’s company a lot more …”

Consultant: ND – 2010


Sleeping Right Through

“Mum advised that she has been keeping up with the Goulding Process- SleepTalk® Foundation statements still and that K has been sleeping right through the night again.  I discussed with K how at times a child may begin to regress due to their subconscious negative belief challenging the new positive statements that are coming through or that K may need longer with the foundation script to really cement it in.  

Mum and I had a discussion regarding whether we should be focusing more on K’s sleeping habits than food at the moment, mum agreed that his sleeping is more of an issue than the eating of the vegetables.  So I advised her that we will focus on the sleeping issues first and then the eating of his vegetables.”

Consultant: NO – 2011


Grateful for this Gift

“Mum is rapt with this whole process.  She is more than happy to continue and as other issues arise, implement further statements.

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with these parents.  Both are extremely honest and grounded people and they are so impressed with the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®  and have no hesitation what so ever recommending it to others, and for them to keep it up for many years to come.  

They are very grateful for this “gift” for their son and can see the benefits right in front of their eyes.  The only question they have is: “why doesn’t every parent do this?”!

Consultant: NO – 2011


Even in school, the teacher mentioned the improvements.

“The mother began with The Goulding Process – SleepTalk on the 16th of September 2013. After a few weeks of the Foundation process, the bedwetting was less. After 3 months of SleepTalk every night, their daughter was dry at night and during the day – until today. There was no need for any further assistance.

Also, her ability to speak and to count was improving a lot. She was calmer, more relaxed and just improving as a person. The parents are really happy & excited about the process and the big improvements! Even in school, the teacher mentioned the improvements. ”

Accredited Consultant & Trainer: Nicole Wackernangel – Zurick 2013


More Confidence

“I met the mother for the 2nd time. She told me that ‚F‘ is again more relaxed especially if he has to do his homework. He is happier working on his own and does not need so much help from the mother. So she is more relaxed and calmer. Things are better again, especially regarding eating sweets and with thumb sucking.

I had a phone call with mom and she told me while they had been on vacation, but hadn’t been regularly working with the process, but as soon as she was home she proceed. For her, it is much better. 

He is doing much better doing his homework, he is calmer at home, much less focused on mom, doing his work mostly without any help from her. Her impression is, he has more confidence in his own person. Mom is really happy, about everything. 

I encouraged her to go on, to stay on the process. Once a while I will call her and look at how things will go further. ”

Accredited Consultant & Trainer: Nicole Wackernangel – Zurick 2014


Confidence  OK,  Anger still work in progress.

Feedback received from the parents:  “Our son is doing much better all-round, he is not crying so much, not freaking out so much, more confident in his studies as he is top of the class and he wants to go to a specific school.

His creativity has improved no end and he is suddenly NOT frightened of spiders and crane flies anymore!  He is also more confident in training other kids in kick-boxing and his overall confidence has improved.

He will now go to shops on his own, he went down a huge Zip Wire at Go Ape much to his parents’ amazement.  However, he is not dealing with anger so well – probably as it has been the summer holidays and he gets irritated with his sister, but we are continuing to work with those issues. ‘E’ is much more affectionate and cuddles all the time.”

Consultant: Paola Bagnall – UK 2009


Both Mother and Daughter Calmer

“What a session!  Mum was so happy and said that ‘L’ was hugely, hugely better and has not mentioned her anxieties at all. ‘L’ keeps waking up and sits up when the mother goes into her bedroom and says: “what are you doing?”

Thus I suggested not doing the touching before the Foundation from now on. Mum has been texting one of the foundation suggestions to both girls since our first session every day. One day she missed doing this and ‘L’ texted her “where is my text?” Mum feels that ‘L’ needs lots of reassurance.

I suggested an additional suggestion. Mum also said that children mirror you and she has seen this, now she is calmer having done the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®, ‘L’ is calmer.”

Consultant: Paola Bagnall – UK 2009


Confidence & Concentration.

“Mum is very anxious and she is radiating this out to both her girls I feel.  This is the Law of Attraction! I told mum to continue with The Goulding Process- SleepTalk®  and to say the ‘Foundation’ Statements in the day so they are no longer unusual for her daughter at night.

The bedroom door situation now resolved, mum is talking in a normal voice presenting the Foundation suggestions. If her daughter ‘F’ wakes up, she just continues and now ‘F’ stays asleep. It took 2 weeks to get into it and although Dad isn’t doing the process yet, he will shortly.”

Consultant: Paola Bagnall – UK 2009


No longer afraid of storms or the rain

“The end result was very positive in this case as ‘E’ no longer feared storms with the same intensity as she did 4 months ago. She no longer wakes when it rains or start to panic when grey clouds appear. This means she has become less anxious and her parents are also less anxious knowing everyone will be able to sleep even if it rains!

The extra energy she has now that she is no longer anxious has been put to good use with new gymnastics and swimming classes. ’E’ is also beginning to try new foods which previously she rejected by simply smelling them. The family are keen to use SleepTalk in the future when different challenges arise.”

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018


Became interested in Sport again

After 3 months of  The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® he became interested in sport, and his coordination and physical ability increased dramatically as did his speech. His ability to remain calm and deal with anger did not improve and his mother thought his eczema was causing him quite a lot of distress and anger and he would be scratching until he bled during the night.  

After using the additional statement he is sleeping better and scratching less. He has also being mentally challenged at daycare as he moved into the kindergarten room which he enjoys and suffers less boredom. The family is keen to continue using The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® in the future to work on his ability to remain calm.

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018


 No more biting and scratching her sister 

“Had a very positive result, her sleep improved by 90% and so did her ability to remain calm and deal with anger. She is very affectionate with all family members including her sister who previously was scratched and bitten by her daily. 

She has also become completely toilet trained and dry at night. Speech was also an issue, so after introducing additional ‘specific’ suggestions, the educators commented at her daycare: 

“She has really found her voice and become confident and outgoing”. The parents will continue to use The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® to help her navigate her way through future changes and make good choices.”

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018


Sleeping in his Own Bed.

“A young boy whose mother had committed suicide 5 months ago was having various challenges in his life. He stopped playing with other children and didn’t go outside unless his dad made him. He was unable to sleep in his own bed and generally was in a difficult place. 

He expressed lots of anger and had tantrums on a daily basis. His relationship with his father was strained as his mother and father had separated a year before she took her life and dad was not living at home.

Within weeks of starting the SleepTalk® process, there were significant changes already visible. ‘H’ started to play with other children again. He started to go outside and enjoy playing in the yard, his relationship with his father changed almost completely – he started to show affection like never before and within a month was sleeping in his own bed.

He still has tantrums – though much less frequently – this will be something we focus on as we move forward with The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®.”

Consultant: Philip Donegan – Ireland 2009


Parents found they are doing something constructive.

“Initially the main reason ‘H’ parents became interested in The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® was with the hope that it would help them to get her to eat. Because of the nature of the disease and the body’s inability to break down and absorb food every meal has to be eaten along with enzymes so that the body can benefit from the food. 

This in itself presents a large conflict. The parents understand that they must get their child to eat and so over the course of several years mealtimes have become difficult for all involved. ‘H’ who lacks any control over the situation is desperately seeking control and the parents – mom especially – feel they have no choice but to be in control – allowing her not to eat is simply not an option for them.

The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® has helped in many ways, the parents feel like they are actually doing something constructive. They have found ways to give ‘H’ control in her life so that she is not so insistent on controlling the one thing that has become so difficult for all involved.

The feedback from the parents has been that they have noticed that she is happier and generally more easy-going. The parents have also realized their responsibility to do something about the way they are dealing with the fact that they have a daughter with CF. A lot of the problems in the home are as a result of the unfairness and anger that mom is experiencing all the time.

Our next step is to address specific areas where we can help the child’s overall health and well being.

Update: After a few months of using The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® unfortunately the parents have not kept up the practice.

One of the things that this particular case has taught me is just how profound an impact The Goulding Process –  SleepTalk® has on the family unit. Even outside of the actual process of giving suggestions to the subconscious mind of the child. 

The overall awareness in the family of the words we use and the actions of the parents has just as much to do with the success of The Goulding Process- SleepTalk®. That added to the empowerment that the parents feel that they are actually doing something to give their child such a gift, all work together to make The Goulding Process SleepTalk® what it is – nothing less than miraculous.

Consultant: Philip Donegan – Ireland 2009


Told she “Might” be on the spectrum – Now happy Little  Girl

“Initially ‘J’ was just having problems at daycare. When the parents came to see me to learn The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® they had just moved her to a new school. It had been suggested to the parents that they should take her to see a child psychologist, which they did and were then told that she ‘might’ be on the autistic spectrum. 

At that time she was having significant challenges with anger and having uncontrollable tantrums. Mom and dad felt helpless and fearful that there might be something really wrong and were waiting on an appointment with an occupational therapist. While with the psychologist ‘J’ diagnosis was given to the parents while she was in the room!

Within the first two weeks of starting The Goulding Process SleepTalk® there was significant abreaction, the parents recall it definitely got worse before it got better. But this just lasted a few days. 

Something that we noticed happened with ‘J’ each time we introduced ‘any’ new suggestion to the process. And although we noticed feedback in the form of increased affection – especially with Mom and overall being happier we decided to continue the foundation process for almost two months before we moved to a primary area of need. 

By the time we moved to the first primary area of need ‘J’ was already generally calmer and having less frequent tantrums. Her parents have done a wonderful job of being consistent and continuing the process, something that I have found to be one of the biggest challenges with parents after the first two months. 

In the last year I have seen the parents six times and each time we add to or adjust our suggestions to help with a variety of issues. Today the parents, who have just had another child report that they feel if they had not found The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® their daughter would not be the normal, happy child she is today.”

Consultant: Philip Donegan – Ireland 2009


Feeling Loved Safe & Calm

“The mother by this point had been very satisfied with the progress of her child and the second phase of suggestions were given to her that included feeling loved, safe, and calm. 

The mother continues to report improvements in her son’s behavior including lessened intensity of squabbles with the granddad, although she believes that is mostly the grandfather’s fault.  

She was advised to have her parents join in on the Goulding Process to accelerate results as well as possibly allow the relationship between CS1 and his grandfather to evolve”

Professional Intern: NS – UAE       


His Anger & Anxiety Disappeared

“Two weeks later at a follow-up appointment, the complaints of the parents had totally transformed. New problems came up such as poor and rushed handwriting, being quite annoying when he wants things (especially if his friends have them, poor response to peer pressure), did not share willingly and was bossy.

His nail-biting had further improved and his anger issues had begun to subside, and he had also begun to recall his classwork more easily. By this point, he had been started on medication.

The father added that his son overestimates his abilities and was afraid he was being smug. He would take out his frustrations on his little sister by pushing her around, especially if his parents were not around to guide him, but could be calmed if sent to his room. 

A month later, at the final follow up after the foundation process the symptoms checklist once again looked remarkably different. The parents came in reporting absolutely nothing as less than good.

His anger and anxiety issues had reportedly disappeared, and his parents reported 55% improvement in socially acceptable behavior, 85% improvement in nail-biting, and 70% improvement in stress levels reflected on parents.”

Professional Intern: NS – UAE       


An overall 50% improvement in her daughter’s case.

“On first follow up the mother had reported that their daughter had improved 15%. The mother had noticed two marked phases of calmness during the day. This calmness was apparent physically and emotionally and was apparent in the morning when she first woke up and again in the late afternoon. 

At this point she was refusing to join the lunch table and sometimes got into squabbles with people in public places when trying to get their attention. She had begun to share more often, though dependent on her mood and the object being shared as some toys she totally refused to share. 

She had also recently learned to draw simple shapes and began to enjoy coloring. She had begun to recognize some numbers but could not add nor count, however, she had also begun to gain some words in her vocabulary even though she still couldn’t put together two-word sentences. 

By the next follow up session the mother was reporting an overall 50% improvement in her daughter’s case.  She had reported being calmer in general, having being involved in fewer fights with her siblings, and had even started to be able to work on her own doing her homework. 

Her vocabulary had expanded further and she had learned to recognize the letter “B” in Arabic.  She was still refusing to eat on the table with the family at lunchtime (only lunch not other meals).” 

Professional Intern: NS – UAE


Quarrels have stopped.

“Very positive feedback again, parents are very content – all marks of ‘A’ are in the positive range now, eating habits changed greatly, he is much more sociable in kindergarten and basically peaceful at home, quarrels have stopped. ‘M’ shows further improvements too.

‘A’ has moved from a problematic and annoying behavior pattern to a much more sociable, more patient state in general. There has been lots of good feedback from the kindergarten staff and the relation between the two children has improved greatly.

 There are still minor quarrels about sharing toys, but that is considered normal competitiveness and home quarrels have stopped, parents much more peaceful in general. The process has changed their attitudes too towards the children – very healthy communication”. 

Consultant: Peter Solymos – Budapest 2014.


Less frustration for Mum

“Very positive feedback again, the mother is very content – all marks of ‘B’ are in the positive range now. ‘B’ continues sports and is generally much calmer and with very good marks. ‘D’ shows further improvements too, though remains disinterested in sports and other activities, and her ability to remain calm changes up and down over time, despite a visible general increase in self-esteem.  The mother has dropped significantly in doing the talks every night but intends to get back to it upon the results of this review.

Both kids have grown greatly in self-esteem, and their general feeling at home and school has improved significantly as well. The mother has grown enormously in self-esteem and the change is very visible. The relation of the 2 kids has improved visibly too, less frustration at home for the mother. ‘D’ still needs some attention but looking at the marks she is well on the way. 

We introduced additional suggestions but it does not show an effect on the targeted traits, but may attribute to the general improvement. The mother became interested in applying the process in her work because she occasionally helps children.”

Consultant: Peter Solymos – Budapest 2014.


Attitude towards school improved

“After 12 weeks of The Goulding Process- SleepTalk Foundation Stage!  The protocol was strictly followed every day by the mother! 

  • Mum noticed results after two weeks of The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® process and the first observation was the increase in the confidence level where he became more approachable to try new things or new learning challenges believing in his own abilities! 
  • Soon his reading and writing improved dramatically along with his grades and he was awarded from school for the amount of reading he is doing!
  • His ability to express himself improved slightly but he was able to make better sense using his mother tongue language! 
  • His attitude toward school improved and is more focused on the positive aspects of the teachers rather than their flaws as with his very high logic and reasoning cognitive skills. sometimes he was making more sense than his teachers! 

• The mother was so happy by his ability to remain calm and manage his anger very reasonably. She said that this has improved so much that the relationship with his brother and sister is getting so much better.!

Feedback Report:  There is no more hair pulling at all which has stopped completely. Nail-biting is still on but at a very less frequency. ! 

‘Y’ took some time to understand the shift in his mother behaviour after focusing so much on high grades and results. Signs of anxiety is still there but he is able to go through tests and is more motivated to put more. ! 

All kids love the process and they call their mother before they sleep and ask her to “sleeptalk” to them!

Consultant: NT – UAE 2017


Given an award for best behavior in school.

“ The Goulding Process- SleepTalk was recommended and explained thoroughly and the need to do it to all kids where the mother can approach the teenagers from a bit of a distance or the doorstep because of his age. 

After 12 weeks of offering the Goulding Process SleepTalk® Foundation Stage! It was strictly followed every day by the mother and she recorded the voice of the father as he used to travel a lot. 

Mum started reporting changes every week. First, they were smaller changes where the tantrums took just a little bit less time and the improvements increased weekly.

Mum became so motivated with the process and the obvious changes for the whole 12 weeks.! Her son’s tantrums times and length kept getting shorter and more manageable. He was able to control his nerves and even started thinking positively and looking at the good side in situations. 

He became more confident and not venerable to simple situations where he became so flexible and secure within. He was also able to speak up for himself and report situations where he needed to explain himself and his reactions and he was convincing and never lied. 

His teachers started reporting significant changes and by the end of the year, he was given an award for best behavior in school which left the mother thrilled! 

The relationship with siblings softened gradually and now they are more understanding and tolerant of each other. The mother reported that he is even more empathetic with his older brother and sister.! 

The siblings’ relationship became much stronger as the communication between them got stronger and they were able to talk, set rules and follow them through and she is enjoying him outside everywhere even in the mall which used to be a great challenge!  

Mum also reported that he doesn’t like to spend more time alone than he used to do before!  Harmony was restored to the whole home and she felt much happier and reported that she felt her life has changed.

Consultant: NT – UAE 2017


His Ability to Stay Calm Improved

After 8 weeks of The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® Foundation Stage 1:  The Process was strictly followed everyday alternatively between both parents where huge improvements have taken place as follows: 

Although eating wasn’t a major concern, his eating habits showed obvious improvement. His motor skills have improved massively to the extent that the mother forgot there was this concern in the first place and when I drew her attention she answered that he walks perfectly well and I didn’t notice anything not normal anymore. His basketball coach is complicating his performance now and his ability to achieve goals in the game.

His study and homework time became no problem at all as the mother herself came more relaxed and was able to give choices and empathize with her son with the ability to choose her battles. He is doing his homework very well and that puts more confidence in the mother’s heart toward the capabilities of her son. 

He became highly confident in class, reporting bullying cases and no more acting out in class. Teachers also commented that he is now a happy child. His ability to stay calm becomes more sustained and he manages very well to control his anger after a very short period of time. His relationship with his parents became stronger and empathetic and his relationship with his little sister is full of lots of playtime. 

As the nail-biting was clearly a sign of anxiety and before being a habit so I introduced an additional primary statement: Just after one week this statement made a great difference with the parents, especially the father as he was participating in the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® regularly and it was healing for him as well. 

The parents also reported stronger bonding with their son, who has starting to express himself more frequently rather than being so introverted and they were glad to talk about emotions and feelings rather than avoiding them.

Consultant: NT – UAE 2017


His Effort in School is Improving

“My son is much better – he is stronger in himself and is beginning to show an increase in his self-belief. I have spoken to his teachers and we are noticing his effort at school improving.

 I have done a simple improvement check on one of the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® forms and there is a marked increase in all areas. My wife and I will be adding in some additional suggestions.”

Consultant: PD – UK 2009


Out of Pull-Ups Finally

“During my first conversation with the mother following her initial visit, she told me how the father had initially been skeptical that the son would be ‘hearing’ them talk whilst he was asleep. 

To receive proof that the words were being heard he had wanted to slip in the line “daddy is an astronaut” in the hope that it would crop up in conversation, though, luckily, the mother adamantly refused to let him. However, this was not needed, as the very next day, only 3 days into the process, a friend of the mother overheard the son repeating the foundation statement, word for word when playing on his own! This gave the parents even more confidence in the process and didn’t miss a night.

When speaking with the mum at her second visit she was thrilled with the results. She said that he had had fewer aggressive instances and the times when he had lost his temper he was quick to regain control and each outburst was much shorter-lived. His behavior at school had improved and the mum hadn’t been called in to see the headmaster at all.

She said that they had attended a parents’ evening at school where his new teacher had said to them “the boy I thought was going to walk through those doors never did”! The teacher asked them if anything had changed at home or if they knew why this might be the case, so they mentioned The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® and the teacher was very interested to learn more!

One behavior that had changed, without the mother even realizing it, is that previously to doing The Goulding Process- SleepTalk®, he would wake EVERY night, after about an hour, soaked through with sweat.

So the mum would need to change his pajama top and bed sheet. However, she realized during our second meeting that this had not happened for a long time, which she felt must be a direct result of the process.

The area that the parents wished to work on was to get ‘J’ out of night-time pull-ups and therefore being able to stay dry throughout the night.

They had one concern, which had been the reason for them not tackling the issue sooner, which was that they only had one toilet in the house, which was downstairs, and at the far end of the house. Because of this, they didn’t want him going to the bathroom in the night. Therefore they put a chamber pot in his bedroom.

On the 5th night of using the bedwetting suggestion, he used the chamber pot!

At our third meeting, 10 weeks after beginning to use this suggestion, the mum informed me that he was out of pull-ups and seemed to alternate between waking up to wee in the chamber pot and going through the entire night without needing a wee.

He had had only two accidents, but they had only been small accidents as he had then woken up and got to the chamber pot. ’J’ was no longer needing to wear pull-ups at night. 

They chose to carry on with this suggestion, which I inserted between the foundation statements, and they were happy that the pull-ups issue was under control.

They felt that his behavior had improved considerably and felt confident that the foundation statements were addressing this issue.”

Accredited Consultant: Rachel Packard – UK – 2016


Profound Effect on the Family

“I have been working with client #1, a mama and a little girl, 8 years old that is the only child in the family. The mother has been very consistent and reliable doing the foundation statements, even when they were camping and on summer vacation.  All is going well and she has had excellent results.

With this self-confidence, she soared and truly began to see herself and her daughter through the eyes of unconditional love. A very beautiful experience! This has had a profound effect on the family relationship and spoke of being much happier in a day-to-day way.

And even though the father/husband has not actively participated. The mother/wife has informed him of what she was attempting then doing and invited him to participate when he was ready.

The interesting thing is there has been a positive change for him too. In general, he has been more understanding and helpful. And I feel this is his true nature revealing itself passively.”

Accredited Consultant: Phyllis Fisher – USA 2015


More Cooperative & Sleeping Through the Night

Feedback Details: “Piddling randomly stopped. Mother gave The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® credit because there were no other logical reasons. More cooperative and sleeping through the night.  

Specific suggestions given incorporated understanding of the Goulding Process- SleepTalk benefits during the daytime conversation. Awareness of our verbalization around children and choices of communication in the family setting was also discussed. 

Mother was surprised to find out and experienced very quick results with her little girl who miraculously regained her bladder control (within a blink of an eye, mother’s comment). The mother wanted to continue with the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®.  

Accredited Consultant: Phyllis Fisher – USA 2015


Feeling Like He Belongs

Parent Feedback: “I love this process, it is easy and builds better connections with my boys.

My son is now more positive about eating some other things (but still prefers chips). I need more work in this area, but it’s a big improvement.

He is feeling like he belongs in his new 4yr old kinder program now and has met some new friends. Have had big improvements with boys wanting to go to dads overnight and they even like his new partner. Overall, very happy with the process.”

Accredited Consultant: Anneliese Luz – Vic 2019


Improvements Within the Family Dynamic

Comments from Father: “I love that she (mother) goes in each night to give my children positive messages.  I can see improvements within the family dynamic. 

My children stopped wetting the bed, and my daughter wakes very happily and will re-settle in the night in her own bed if she wakes.

My son is also improving in personal confidence, but still lacking in social confidence.  We will continue.”

Accredited Consultant: Anneliese Luz – Vic 2019


Calmer Home

“At 12 weeks, phase 2 ‘where are they now document’ done. Three C’s have been adhered to. Mum is happy with the process and its effects on her too. Calmer home, generally and a calmer, less agitated ‘R’ at home. He is sleeping through the night with less need of being comforted and ‘aides’ to go to sleep, a huge improvement. 

Although much improvement, Joane’s advice here was it’s not quite consolidated enough in him yet, so keep up the foundation with bridging statement for another 2-3 months. Gave Mum this advice, she was fine with that. And did tell her that we’ll check in again to see if we can move forward then. (With text-check-ins every 2 weeks.)

The upshot for mum was that ‘R’ is still having angry outbursts/reacting before thinking (but not nearly as often or as long-lasting) & still some ticking going on. Fear underlying the anxiety. The foundation has to have more time to ‘consolidate’ before moving on to any Primary Area of Need.”

Accredited Consultant: Lucia Dapos – Vic – 2019


Less Nervous & Less Highly Strung

“She has stopped biting her nails! Her nails seem to be actually growing now! Mum is so stunned and it’s another thing she has been able to mention to the father in regards to how the kids are doing lately…. He still doesn’t quite ‘see’ it. 

Although, on further questioning, it was clear that nails were just being less bitten! Still wanting to ‘go’ to her nails (still anxious habit?) but they were growing, therefore, still probably biting them, but much less often and that surely means a little change in anxiety expressing itself in self-soothing or habit.

During the 12 week appointment, the reassessment was offered and the 3 C’s have been adhered to. Mum is happy with the process and its effects on her too. ‘L’ has an overall improvement in most things. Generally, she’s less nervous and less ‘highly strung’. 

Still overreacts to things at home, but calms much quicker after. We discussed what are the outstanding issues, and Mum said that the hypochondria, although much less frequent, it’s still happening & also the nail-biting.

So, we talked about anxiety and that she is still needing (like her brother) to have the foundation process continue to get more consolidation in her ‘self’ before moving onto and dealing with a primary area of need. 

Talking to Joane afterward, we talked about the need for attention presenting as hypochondria (due to sibling rivalry and issues around her dad*) and anxiety, nail-biting, fear-based things. Very much like her brother. 

{*Mum mentioned only during the phase 2 ‘where now’ document, that ‘L’ had stopped saying “why does dad hate me?” which shocked me a bit – and it goes to show that the need for attention and that constant anxiety is with her at home – fear of not being loved by her dad, it would seem ☹}”

Accredited Consultant: Lucia Dapos – Vic – 2019


He Now Listens

“He is MUCH calmer and listening better. I decided it was time to add the bridging statement to the foundation statement. They were going overseas on holiday for 18 nights, so I thought she could start now. (Mum delivered the process most nights while away, even on the plane!!)

She reported, when they got back, that the kids got along quite well and they all had a good time away together. And also, on return, ‘T’ and his dad started bike riding more often and enjoying each other in this space.

At week 12, phase 2 ‘where now’ interview and document done. ‘T’ is doing much better in key areas. He’s not as blinkered in his thinking now – listens to alternatives/advice/queries regarding what he has chosen to do, and takes these things into consideration, whereas previously, he would not have even listened.

 Less dogmatic. All of ‘T’s’ reactions are less dramatic and he is definitely stopping & listening. More relaxed, less rigid. 

Big decrease in his fear of the dark and being alone.

Stopped biting his toe-nails (!! she didn’t mention toenails in the initial interview, just fingernails) completely. But a decrease of fingernail biting maybe 20% – still a huge improvement! 

There remain issues with ‘T’ and his dad, but that’s a counseling matter, as for the SleepTalk® process, ‘T’ is generally showing signs of less anxiety. Upshot for mum is she worries about ‘T’s relationship with his dad – IMPLORED her to get him involved with the process – at the very least his voice recording of the process. She understands but I need to explain it in more detail, highlighting all the positive changes so far. 

She is also still concerned about his lack of impulse control – even though improved. Suggested that the process still needs time to consolidate with ‘T’. I believe that adding dad’s voice would see a whole new change in ‘T’s’ behaviors, but they have to do this, I can only give the reasons and encourage gently but firmly. 

So, for the next three months, the foundation process with the bridging statement to be continued. Monitor changes every 2 weeks or so. 

So, no Primary Area of Need (PAN) at this stage. He clearly needs his dad’s voice and that indirect (subconscious) acknowledgment of ‘love’ from him for him to move forward. When his PAN is established, and with talking with Joane again, it looks likely to be around the learning and school as this may have taken a back-seat while he was doing other things in his mind! 

The Phase two statement would, therefore, be added with the ‘sandwich’ description explained only at the time of moving from the foundation statement to the phase 2 specific area of need suggestions.”

Accredited Consultant: Lucia Dapos – Vic – 2019


More Successful with Learning

There has been a positive change in the past month, but there are still many downsides in the field of emotions. The daddy falls asleep and the mom gets tired and occasionally misses out one or two nights of The Goulding Process- SleepTalk®.

 According to Mom, it was enough to use the basic sentences. She is already happy with the positive changes.
The child is more successful in learning, more patient with his associates and family members, more persistent and more relaxed than before. The vibe at home is calmer and Mom also feels more relaxed.

I advised her to continue with the confirmations and, if she wants the best for her son, use the “special” affirmations offered.

After three months I saw both, mothers and children being more relaxed and patient. Also, his siblings’ attitude has changed and the parents became more positive and hopeful regarding the effectiveness of Tthe Goulding Process – SleepTalk®. 

My opinion is when the parents are more positive and more active regarding the process, it becomes more effective in generating positive changes.

Accredited Consultant: Molnárné Kecskés Mónika Hungary – 2019


Family Atmosphere is More Harmonious & Relaxed

The end result: the 7 years old child is calmer and more balanced. He rarely wet his bed a night and sleeps through the night.  When he loses it now, he doesn’t wet himself anymore, only shouts out angrily and that’s it.

During the past 3 months, the mother has been persistently using the instructions she has received. I observed that all the children as well as the mom are more relaxed, and the family atmosphere is more harmonious and relaxed.

Accredited Consultant: Molnárné Kecskés Mónika Hungary – 2019


Speech Clearer & More Relaxed.

According to Mom’s feedback, the 6 years old girl doesn’t have to have her planed otitis media (ear) operation. The parents hoped they can avoid that as from the beginning of applying the process, the girl’s condition was constantly improving and now she is free of inflation and any other symptoms.  Her speech is also clearer and she is more confident and relaxed.

My conclusion: Spending quality time together is crucially important for the healthy physical, mental and emotional development of our children.  If the parents are able to provide it with full commitment, then the child will be able to experience all the joy life can offer with its full extend.

Accredited Consultant: Molnárné Kecskés Mónika Hungary – 2019


His Anxiety Levels Have Reduced

“J’ overall energy has increased. He is more vibrant in the mornings and wants to come and spend time with me. He is more receptive and calmer. His anxiety levels have reduced and the environment at home is also much better.

Mother ‘S’ has said: ‘J’ agitation and aggression is so much lesser. He makes more of an effort to talk and started using words that he didn’t earlier. Also, he is very well-tuned to his environment now. He has also grasped the ability to work independently. 

When she went for a psychologist check-up she was told he doesn’t have Autism but now is on Asperger’s spectrum as he was getting better and better.”  

Aneesha Sethi: Accredited Consultant – India 2018


I Was Stunned & Had Tears in my Eyes.

“AM’s energy has increased in the mornings. He doesn’t dread the routine he has to follow during the day. His interest and confidence in reading and writing has gone up. Also one morning after 2 months of doing The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® he woke up and said that he loves me. I was stunned and had tears in my eyes.

AM was initially very edgy and cranky for a week. But, I had faith that like the last time this will work too. After a week to 10 days of the statement settling in he became less paranoid of himself and what everyone did. We had a relaxed child at home. His teachers said that he was smiling in the classroom and answering more questions. I am relieved. 

Mother “N” has said “AM” always tries to do things on his own and first tries to reach out himself. If he fails, he asks for help. His teachers are very happy with him as he is doing work on his electronic pad up to his potential. “N” feels more accomplished as a mother and feels that now she has sealed the bond of love with “AM”. 

She also mentioned that “ Michelle” was her role model for “AM”. Also finally there was reduced therapist help and basic physiotherapies only.”

Aneesha Sethi:  Accredited Consultant – India  2018 


He Wakes Up Fresher

“Mom SB sent me a testimonial:  My 5-year-old would not sleep well through the night. It was stressful for the entire house. Then I came across Aneesha who told me how I could use The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®. Once I started there was no looking back. 

It’s not only helped my child sleep better but he wakes up fresher. I’m thankful to this process of The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® and I totally believe in it. Feedback = positive!”

Aneesha Sethi:  Accredited Consultant – India  2018 


Developing Confidence & Calmness.

“We are delighted with the calmness and self-assurance ‘A’ has, she spontaneously chats about her dreams and goals and is very “natural” in her communication and less guarded about what people think of her.  It is wonderful to see this young lady blossom and follow her passion without being timid and concerned of what others may think.”

2018 – Accredited Consultant: Carla Pahl – HongKong


Emotional benefit to both Mum & Dad.

“A Skype consultation was held with the mother and the final progress identifier form completed.  Mum noticed a difference in ‘N’ if she misses sleep talk due to a sleepover; she notices a small change in the “calmness of his being”

Mother would like to continue the process with her children as she has found it a beautiful and beneficial evening ritual and has also found the process of great emotional benefit to herself and her husband.

The second statement was given her to continue and is ongoing and the family, continue to see a benefit.

2018 – Accredited Consultant: Carla Pahl – HongKong


Happy To Now Try New Things.

“Parents of ‘N’ state she has absolutely blossomed during the process over the past 4 months, her confidence has grown exponentially and she was just awarded a prize in a public speaking school competition, something her parents are quite astounded and thrilled with.  

She actively engages in conversation around the dinner table and happily shares her opinions and thoughts.  Her family is thrilled with the confidence she has displayed and she has been interacting well with her school friends and peers and taking great interest in school activities and happy to try new things.  She has had a significant decrease in timidity and less nervous.

Parents have enjoyed the process and feel that there is no doubt that the process has been very beneficial for their daughter.  They would like to continue the statement often as they all feel the benefit.”

2018 – Accredited Consultant: Carla Pahl – HongKong


Now They Laugh & Play Together

“Within 2 weeks Mum acknowledges that there is a lighter mood and more openness in the household.   She hears them laughing and playing together where have been more segregated in the past.   

She finds herself saying the words during the day as well.  It is ‘calming and soothing’ to her as well.  When ‘R’ has a meltdown or other family disturbance, mum finds herself reacting differently, which is lessening the length/severity of the issue.  By 6 weeks. ‘R’ is sleeping through the night.  Day-care indicates they “wish they had 20 more like her”. 

Accredited Consultant – Joy Hoffman – USA 2019


 Started Her Own Nutrition Plan

“Mum sates that: ‘L’ is starting to show “phenomenal change – really excel”. She made the honor roll at school which “she has never done in her life”.  She ran for an office on the student council and was determined to start working out with a personal trainer to enhance her volleyball success.  She stared a nutrition plan, losing 5 lbs. Mum notes that there have actually been “remarkable changes with both girls”. 

L’s change has been dramatic, she is very driven to take extra steps to make the varsity team.  Grades in school are now all A’s and B’s. She made the National Honour Society, where she has never made the honor roll in the past.  Mum states she made comments that she was “stupid”; now she makes comments that she knows that she is smart.   Her  “confidence is out the roof!”  

She drives her own sleep schedule and makes her own decisions. ‘L’ broke up with a boy that she didn’t feel was truly interested in her prior to homecoming and went with her friends instead.  Mum felt this was a remarkable stand in confidence, whereas prior she would have tended to ‘go along’.”

Accredited Consultant – Joy Hoffman – USA 2019


Sleeping in their own beds.

“ Mum sent me an email update saying that all three children were now falling asleep in their own beds and that they didn’t need their parents sitting in their bedrooms whilst they fell asleep”.

Accredited Consultant – Georgina Broendal – Denmark 2018


Turned their lives around.

Parents have shared that ‘N’ has settled much more at kindergarten now and has enjoyed a number of different trips and activities out-of-house recently too.

She has started swimming and is really enjoying the lessons, and her dance class has also restarted and ‘N’ seems happy to meet all the new children. Both parents feel the Goulding Process – SleepTalk has been an amazing tool that has empowered them to turn their lives around, and they intend to continue indefinitely!”

Accredited Consultant – Georgina Broendal – Denmark 2018


Positive Changes in Behaviour.

“The parent has managed to overcome her biggest barrier, which is the physical contact with other people. In order to see a better result from Goulding Process – SleepTalk®, timing and consistency is very important.

By doing The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® it doesn’t mean that it can solve all problems but you can see the improvement of certain behavior. (eg: Sibling rivalry). The child has become more open to new people and a new environment.  

Focus span has improved positive affirmations in the day time and bite-size sandwich is vital to see an impact. I realized that along the way of doing the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® you discover more about your child.”  

Accredited Consultant Jen Li Soo – Singapore 2018


Accept the Father Leaving for Work. 

Improvement in learning ability and more loving towards people around and has stop the nail-biting and skin tearing issues. He deals with separation anxiety better now and can accept the father leaving him for work. 

Sibling rivalry has also improved and the younger daughter is more understanding and negotiable. The mother said at first, it has been very challenging for her to keep up with The Goulding Process SleepTalk® every day. It needs a lot of perseverance and consistency.  

Accredited Consultant Jen Li Soo – Singapore 2018


More Calmer

The mother notices that he tends to wake up with a smiley face and calmer. She also notices that her sleep quality is getting better and his energy level is improving. Not only this, but he also becomes more responsive and tends to be more loving toward his sibling. He is easier to accept the suggestion and less argument with his mother. 

Accredited Consultant – Hiro Koo Kian Yong – Malaysia 2018


No More Mischievous Behaviour Seeking Attention.

After doing the Foundation script of The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® for more than 6 weeks, the mother has noticed that ‘WX’ has improved in terms of her attitude. She is the middle child, so she tends to complain that the mother doesn’t love her and always behave mischievously to get attention (Either bad or good attention). 

After 6 weeks of The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®, mother noticed that she becomes more obedient; no more do any mischievous behavior to seek attention. Not only this, but she also tends to more loving to her siblings and her anxiety level reduced to a manageable level. After doing a more specific SleepTalk® process tailored made suggestion script, the improvement on ‘WX’ is more significant. 

She starts to voice out her opinion in school and more confidence in herself. Now she has the courage to take part in the competition and she has more confidence in handling the exam. 

She used to have performance anxiety symptoms when facing an exam, but after SleepTalk® process, her anxiety level towards the exam was significantly reduced. She learned that she can wish to get the best result but it is not a must to get the best result in order to be a successful person.

 She learned to tolerate stress and her stress tolerance level has improved significantly. The mother does for both of them in the same room. She chooses to read it silently just right beside their ear, and she found this is more powerful than just read it out loud for all the kids who share the same room.

Accredited Consultant – Hiro Koo Kian Yong – Malaysia 2018


Meal Times are Calmer

“Mum reports that ‘E’ is giving more kisses and cuddles and is generally much more affectionate. She will continue with the Foundation script for the time being and we will consider adding a supporting statement if and when it is deemed to be necessary.

I saw mum again in August. ‘E’ has continued to progress in most areas. She is still a little anxious at times and mum still has concerns about her eating. Mealtimes are calmer but mum is still worried about ‘E’s weight. 

(She looks fine to me. I think perhaps mum is worrying unnecessarily. Mum has been doing SleepTalk consistently and I felt it was a good time to introduce a support statement to address anxiety and self-esteem issues she still has. 

I spoke to mum in September. She is more than happy with the Goulding Process –  SleepTalk®. She feels that ‘E’ is less anxious, calmer and that her self-esteem has improved. She will continue with the process and I will talk to her again soon for an update.

Kathryn Duncan – Qld 2014


No Nightmares for Over a Month

“Mum was really happy with both ‘C’s and ‘Z’s progress. ‘C’ has not had nightmares for a couple of months now and no worries with phobia either. ‘Z’ has been really good and has been sleeping for the most part in his own bed with occasional nights in bed with his sister. 

Mum did say that they had been a bit more inconsistent with the SleepTalk in the post couple of weeks due to illness and holiday sleepovers. We decided that it would be a good idea to continue with foundation statements and sibling rivalry statements for a few more weeks since they had been less consistent recently. After that, we will add a new statement for each of them to create a good ‘firewall’ for the future.

I met with mum again in September. They had been doing SleepTalk consistently now for several weeks and in view of the progress made by both children, we decided it was time to add some support statements.

 I subsequently spoke with mum again. Support statements seemed to have been accepted by both children with no opponent problems. Both parents are very happy with the whole process and will continue with SleepTalk. I will contact them again in a few weeks to see how they are progressing.”

Kathryn Duncan – Qld 2014


Confidence Plus.

“She did find the process to be difficult to perform if they had a late-night but were usually fairly consistent with it. Mum has been saying the words to ‘G’ during the day as well and ‘it makes her smile’. We decided to add a Support Statement to reinforce her new self-confidence and feelings of calm and ‘in control’. 

On 15 August I spoke to mum again. She was very happy with the progress and will continue with the support statement indefinitely. I contacted her again in September for an update, and all is going well with the Goulding Process – SleepTalk. ‘G’ has accepted the support statements with no problems and mum is happy to continue as is. 

She will keep me posted with developments and I will contact her in due course for on update.”

Kathryn Duncan – Qld 2014


Adapting to New Situations.

From a mother’s perspective, I found the Goulding Process – SleepTalk™ process a beautiful one. It gives me the opportunity to reflect daily on what matters most; unconditional love. Over the months, I found myself much more accepting of ‘H’s imperfections. 

In the past, I was very anxious about his lack of desire to help others or lack of interest in social activities. Today, I see him positively challenging himself to experience and adapt to new situations. I now feel secure watching him move forward into the next chapter of his life. 

This experience has certainly made me more confident in sharing the Goulding Process – SleepTalk™ process with others. Thank you Joane for bringing light into so many families! 

Parents Feedback: Hasnah Bte A. Rahman – Accredited Consultant and Trainer. Singapore 2017  


Feels Strong and Happy Today

“The parents reported that ‘A’ had improved in physical ability and her approach to kindergarten.  She is taking more risks and attempting tasks that in the past may have been too overwhelming. 

Although still some anxiety but seems to be working in herself to overcome it. It takes a great deal of effort but now she can do it.  She is calmer; some of her fears are no longer a factor and Mum cannot recall her grinding her teeth at all recently. 

Mum reports that there has been considerable change in several areas that justifies moving to Level 2.  Fear and Anxiety are still issues for ‘A’ as she is still being affected by her difficulty to cope with change. It is being addressed at Kindergarten, and the parents still have some concerns. 

She is sensitive and empathetic and needs to improve her confidence and ability to handle “whatever comes along” and to keep herself calm when she is overwhelmed with nerves.  Specific Suggestions were introduced and the “sandwich” structure explained and repeat the new suggestion 5 times.

Feedback: The new baby arrived a week after our meeting, and Mum said that while it has been a little difficult, they have been doing The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® whenever possible – both siblings.

Feedback from this family has been delightful. ‘A’ has told her mum at kindergarten that she feels “strong and happy today”! I am concluding the case study at this point, but I intend to follow up monthly.”

Accredited Consultant: Kim High – Australia 2019 


Not Afraid of Meeting New People Anymore. 

We had our last update in December 2018. Based on the conversation, the parent told me that ‘J’ is now not so afraid of meeting new people, willing to listen and share more and engaged in more activities.  The parent appreciated the help the process had offered her and her family. 

Although the monitoring experiment has come to an end, she will still continue to apply this process either during waking or night state.

Accredited Consultant: Lee Hong Yiap – Singapore 2018


More Cheerful, Thoughtful and Energetic

We had our last update in December 2018. Based on the conversation, the parent told me that ‘A’ now is more cheerful, thoughtful and energetic overall. The parents appreciated what the process has done to her and her family. 

Although the monitoring experiment has come to an end, she will still continue to apply this process.

Accredited Consultant: Lee Hong Yiap – Singapore 2018


Her Skin is Improving – Less Rashes Now

Few weeks after the parent has been applying the Level 2 statements, she found that ‘K’ was happier and interacted more. Her skin problem is improving. Less rashes now.

To help the parent better master the process, I told her that every child’s response is different from the suggestion, basically to continue the process from 66 to 252 days. 

In addition, some children might exhibit a condition so-called ‘abreaction’, that he or she shows on and off anger or frustration during the monitoring process. This is due to the nature of mind work with the effect of incoming suggestions. What the parents need to do is to maintain consistency and correctness during the application. 

The end result and conclusion were: We had our last update in December 2018 and based on the conversation, the parents told me that ‘K’ is now not so afraid of meeting new people, willing to listen and share more and engage in more activities.  The parents appreciated what have done to their daughter and the whole family. 

Although the monitoring experiment has come to an end, the mum will still continue to apply this process.

Accredited Consultant: Lee Hong Yiap – Singapore 2018


She’s Really Happy

My conclusion: The changes seen are great and very encouraging showing The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® has been implemented correctly by parents and the Foundation Statements accepted by ‘S’. However, she seems to still have an underlying level of anxiety that expresses health issues (psoriasis) and it seems that there is a risk of developing a bad habit by eating more sugar. Fear of being hurt is still there but improving.

It was agreed that the Primary area of need is: Confidence and Anxiety. Specific suggestions were offered and agreed upon by Mum.  Mum reported to me early February that the suggestions were going amazing and she was really happy.

Accredited Consultant: Maguelonne Rousseau – 2016 – Singapore


Wakes Up in a Better Mood

Mum is generally very pleased with the signs of progress of ‘A’ in the past few weeks since the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®  was introduced. She sees his behavior changing in the right direction. She believes it is a combination of different factors, but belief in  The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® is definitely helping.  

Mum reports:

1) She enjoys very much the experience and it became a good habit for her. Generally, she has been very consistent since the beginning.

 2) ‘A’ wakes up in the morning in a better mood, not grumpy like before. 

3) He’s more comfortable in school and doesn’t complain about it anymore.

 4) Dad uncomfortable at this stage but hopefully will come around as the improvements continue to come in.

My conclusion: The changes seen are great showing The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® has been implemented correctly by the parent and the Foundation Statements accepted by ‘A’. According to the second:

Profile document, the primary area of need would be: ‘Academic’ and ‘Confidence’ in general, but Mum is now happy the way “A” is and prefers to continue with Foundation statement for now instead of trying specific suggestions offered. 

Mum is aware she can come back to me later when she feels starting Phase 2. Dad will continue to be a work in progress.

Accredited Consultant: Maguelonne Rousseau – 2016 – Singapore


Mum is Excited

Mum is generally pleased with the signs of progress of ‘L’ in the past few weeks since the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®  was introduced. The process has been implemented correctly and consistently by parents (missed 5 times in total and not even in the row). Mum reports:

1) Even though behavior is better, she still feels that he lacks empathy towards family and friends and is generally worried about his social behavior, especially now he’s going to enter primary school.

2) He seems to take frustration and anger a bit better but showed few times signs of being more vengeful (instead of hitting a friend or brother straight away, can control him-self more often but then keep some resentment that shows later).

3) Mum is also doing the process consistent with the little brother since the beginning.

According to the Mind Profile document number 2, the primary areas of need are Behaviour, Academic and Emotional.

We agreed on continuing the Foundation Statements for now and over the Christmas period and January, and later starts a specific suggestion chosen in the General section that we have adapted.

Change of attitude regarding his behavior and positive attitude. Mum is excited to soon start the specific suggestions!

Accredited Consultant: Maguelonne Rousseau – 2016 – Singapore


Positive Changes in Confidence.

Mother has seen improvement in ‘S’s interactions in school, managing more self-care on his own and reaching out to peers for help when needed. 

Accredited Consultant: Karyen Chai – Singapore 2018


Improving Social Behaviour. 

“Parents’ feedback has been good so far and positive behavioral changes have been observed, specifically changes in social behavior and social interactions. Younger brother may unconsciously feel left out from not receiving the process. Will follow-up with the mother about starting the process with the younger brother.

Accredited Consultant: Karyen Chai – Singapore 2018


Anxiety Decreased & Sleep Issues Increased

“Completing all areas of this case study, I do believe ‘A’ made great progress. His anxiety decreased; his sleep improved greatly and his scholastic endeavors were improved. Of note was the unforeseen improvement of ‘A’ attitude and behavior towards his sister. Mum was thrilled. 

She also confessed that she loved this dedicated time with her sleeping babies each night. A positive experience all round.”

Accredited Consultant: Marian Daish – Victoria 2017



Communicate Better.

“Despite not completing all areas of this case study, I do believe ‘C’ made progress. Within two weeks of commencing the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®  ‘C’ behavior had improved greatly.  

A month in, novel situations or change of routine still made ‘C’ anxious but Mum felt there had been improvements overall and she was recovering more quickly. By three months ‘C’ was still experiencing anxiety but was able to communicate it better and overcome it quickly. 

So ‘C’ was still reacting to moments that created anxiety for her but not as strong and her recovery time had been shortened. She was also able to articulate to her parents what was upsetting her. A much less reactive child than when we started the Goulding Process –  SleepTalk® .” 

Accredited Consultant: Marian Daish – Victoria 2017


Asserted Herself

“Despite not completing all areas of this case study, I do believe ‘C’ made progress. Her confidence in doing her homework improved and she was attempting it independently. At school, she was more resilient in dealing with things that in the past would have upset her.

‘C’ made some good decisions at school, where she asserted herself in a positive confident way. A much more confident and less anxious child than when we started the SleepTalk® process.

Accredited Consultant: Marian Daish – Victoria 2017


Confidence Heading into Puberty. 

“Consultants feedback: ‘J’ has exhibited some excellent improvements and some outstanding breakthroughs not just at school, but in his home environment as well. I do believe a lot of it was related to his lack of confidence and lack of belief in self and now it seems he has come forward in leaps and bounds. The subsequent reclassification showed a definite improvement.

I also explained to his mother that she had done an excellent job with a lot of her positive input and that if she continues on with the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®  with her son until puberty and possibly beyond, that he can only continue to improve and be a very happy self-assured confident loving boy/young man at the end of this absolutely wonderful Goulding Process – SleepTalk® Protocol. 

Thank you so much for bringing such a beautiful gift and tool into the world dear Joane. You have truly been blessed with a very precious and amazing talent. It truly does create miracles in the lives of children and their parents. 

Accredited Consultant: 2010 Marina Fick  – Victoria 2010


Thank You for Giving me Back my Sweet Little Boy

“To finish, I just wanted to share with you the letter of feedback I received from Mum towards the end of the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®. She goes on to say: “ What can I say, thank you, thank you, thank you – for giving me back my sweet little boy. 

His behavior has done a complete turnaround. He has gone from being the trouble maker at school to telling the trouble makers how to be good and looking out for the kids who are getting led astray and getting them to go play somewhere else. Last term of school he has been coming home happy instead of teary and emotional.

He always wants to help me eg: Bringing shopping in from the car, clear the dishes from the table, etc… He is controlling his anger. He will say to me: “I feel angry mum and I want to have a play by myself”, or “I don’t feel like talking”; therefore we don’t have too many angry days anymore.

He will walk up to me at any time and give me a cuddle and a kiss and walk away and continue on with what he is doing. He is now always prepared to try something he hasn’t done before (this time last year he would not even try). 

His confidence has improved 100%. His speech and communication has also improved. He hardly stutters anymore, that was a nervous habit. He still has some trouble with crowds and noise.

Places like shopping centers, but he tells me now when we are out. He will say something like: “It is getting too noisy. I want to go home”. Overall he is a happy and confident little boy.”

Accredited Consultant: 2010 Marina Fick  – Victoria 2010


Slow but Steady Progress

“Since the introduction of the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® ‘H’ has had some great progress.  The progress has been slow and steady however overall he has made quite a few changes since SleepTalk® was introduced.

He has started to become more verbal and is more easily able to express himself.  His outbursts have reduced and he has become a lot more aware of things, more affectionate and his speech and ability to communicate has really progressed.

‘H’ still has his challenges and since the introduction of the last suggestion, he has shown quite a lot of behavioral and attention-seeking behavior.  These are future areas for change.”

Accredited Consultant: Mary Lynch NSW 2011


Has a Much Better Outlook on Life.

“Parents feedback: ‘J’ is a delightful young boy and The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® has made a significant change to his general demeanor.  He seems much happier, light and calm.

He has a much better outlook on life and calmness has taken over his whole body which means that he is now more open, cooperative and happier to consider alternative ways of being.

He is also developing a can-do attitude which is a great contrast to his previous can’t do or too difficult attitude.  His comprehension has also improved considerably as a result of his calmer demeanor.

The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® has been beneficial to both children but also to the family as a whole.  It seems to have really brought the whole family closer together in ways that the family did not believe was required nor possible.

It has enriched everyone’s lives and the family is planning to continue The Goulding Process SleepTalk® with both children for many years to come.”

Accredited Consultant: Mary Lynch NSW 2011


Asking to Do More Homework.

“After completing the mind profile questionnaire, it was great to see that ‘N’ had made improvements over the last 6 weeks.  The parents noted that particularly the negative self-talk had reduced and that ‘N’ was much better at homework now that school has gone back, in fact, he was now asking to do homework.  

Working alone is still an issue and  I reminded the parent that ‘N’ now has more skills and they may need to give him the opportunity to use some of them rather than continue to scaffold him to such a great extent.  The parent agreed that this was probably the case and said he would try giving him some tasks to complete on his own whilst loosely supervising him.

The parent noted an improvement in ‘N’ gross and fine motor skills and there was improvement in his core strength.  His concentration has also improved and this was assisting in his ability to do his schoolwork and homework and he has also been more spontaneous showing affection to his parents.

Primary Area of Need

‘N’ was a lot calmer since the introduction of The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® and his anger was also improving, and his self-esteem had also improved.  The primary area of need for ‘N’ was around managing his anger and associated emotions.  

We felt that if he was able to remain calm and understand what was happening within him, he would be better able to respond to his environment. Suggestions were selected to reinforce the need for ‘N’ to remain calm and to further reinforce that he has the answers within himself

End Result

‘N’ has made great progress with the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®.  It’s been a very slow and steady change and his parents are very supportive of the process and they have really noticed the changes within him.  

I feel that ’N’ needs the additional time to fully understand and digest the suggestions embedded within The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® but that once he’s taken it on, it will penetrate and resonate quite strongly with him.  His parents expect to continue on with the process for some time yet as they feel that we can make some great progress over the next few months and years.

Accredited Consultant: Mary Lynch NSW 2011


Much Happier Child. 

The parents were committed to the program. They wanted to help their child and in turn, discovered ways they too could change.  There is ongoing work, but massive changes have taken place in a short time. 

There is no more mention of dying or death by their son, and he wakes as a happier child. He is coping with life much better.  I believe the regular weekly support in the early stages of The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® helped the mother as much as it did their son.”

Accredited Consultant & Trainer:  Marilyn Colvin Boon. Qld 2013


Waking Nightmares No More.

“The end results of the SleepTalk® means that ‘L’ has no more nightmares, just a bit of moaning & groaning, nothing to wake him. So, on the mind profile questionnaire, there has been a ‘Physical’ improved of 90 -95%, and in the ‘Academic’, an improvement of 20% has been noticed. 

His ‘Behaviour’ is usually very good but an improvement of 10% has been noted and in the ‘Emotional’ section, a 90 – 95% improvement has been noted. In the ‘Home’, the parent feels an overall improvement of 60 – 70 % has been achieved in this short time frame.”

Accredited Consultant: Mary Tonner – NZ 2013


Way More Co-operative.

“The mother was amazed at the instant response from the first night of using The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® Foundation Script. Her feedback comments revealed: ‘L’ had stopped moaning about foods, doesn’t argue about reading & is better at going to school. 

He is up by 7 am every day, way more co-operative (we have only had one argument). Has had a full night’s sleep (he was being awakened by growing pains) and his attitude has changed, he is happier and is not yelling anymore.


He is Now a Cute Little Boy.  

L’ is doing his reading with no whining and not trying to ruin everyone’s lives. He is not so much the boss, he tries to help rather than be the boss. He now handles it well when his younger cousin steals his toys. ‘L’ used to scream going down the hallway [fear] now he is ok with it and even closes his own door.


Parents Comments

Mum wrote: “Thank you so much. ‘L’ has changed so much. His reading and writing is getting a lot better. He is sleeping well but still seems very tired. this is natural as he has just really started school.” 

“The parent is happy to continue with the Foundation statement and feels there is no real area of a Primary Area of Need at this time.  We will continue for another three months and monitor ‘L’ progress and should an issue pop up we will look at a suitable script. 

His ‘Physical’ improvement is 90%, ‘Academic’ shows an 80-85% improvement, his ‘Behaviour’ is a marked excellent and mum gives it a 100% improvement. His ‘Emotional’ assessment has an 85% improvement noted and ‘Home’ they feel there is an overall improvement of 95 %  which has been achieved in this short time frame, and mum is amazed and so very happy that she across the Goulding Process –  SleepTalk® Programme.

Accredited Consultant: Mary Tonner – NZ 2013


Sleeping and Eating Issues.

The End Results:  “Both concerns of sleeping habits and eating habits were improved and mum is happy with the results.  In addition, she has also learned new parenting skills to encourage and engage her child in a different way, which is the reason for her initial visit. 

Conclusion: I have reinforced to mum that the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® is not only about doing the process.  But there is one important condition which binds the whole Goulding Process – SleepTalk® together and that is unconditional love from parents and the child’s ability to feel this unconditional love from parents.

The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® is a “Gift” which lasts a lifetime.  Whatever that she has done during the foundation stage stays in the mind of her little one.”

Accredited Consultant: Kilyn Liong – Singapore 2018


No More Tantrums Over Maths

“The mother reports that there has been a significant overall improvement for ‘Y’.  He is showing more life in his day to day activities. His Maths have improved, he is better at managing his stress from schoolwork without throwing temper at doing difficult Maths.   

There is an improvement in his confidence regarding Study and he has proved to himself that he can do better.  Being able to overcome his carelessness at study has helped to boost his confidence in it. However, his writing has declined by 15% but this is due to the new demands at school as they have started writing compositions and he is adjusting to this new demand. 

He has stopped nail-biting totally and his day to day happiness has improved by 50%. He is seemingly happier and was able to remain calm and control his emotions, particularly his anger better. His ability to work alone: Improved by 40%.  He is learning to do his homework/spelling without supervision.  

He is also able to play on his own and take interest in reading his books on his own.  His behavior towards Parents has improved by 30%.  There is less tension over school work and he is now more willing to listen and learn when I teach or guide him through certain issues.  

I realized that not only his behaviour is now better towards me, I feel that I no longer get angry with him as often as in the past.  We are now able to talk things out. 

The end results:  I am very pleased with the results.  During this short span of 6 months, with the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® many of my pressing concerns were resolved.

Namely nail-biting, carelessness with schoolwork, improving focus or concentration at school, being able to sit still at the dining table to finish his meals.  My son is now not only able to finish all his food during mealtime, he is able to finish his meal with lesser time.”

Accredited Consultant: Kilyn Liong – Singapore 2018


No Longer Hates School

“Parents are over the moon with the results, in the last couple of weeks ‘B’ has only soiled him-self a few times and has started asking them if he should go to the toilet. He has shown improvements in basically every area of life.  

Some of the most significant improvements are in the areas of his eating habits, ability to deal with group pressure, ability to deal with issues and anger. His self-esteem has improved; he is much more confident and no longer hates school.

They are very happy with the result and if things continue the way they are they have resolved what initially brought them to me.”

Accredited Consultant – GT – Qld 2018 


Internal Strength to Cope with Life’s Daily Stresses.

“My 10-year-old son has Autism and he is highly anxious. You have helped us with the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®, a program to provide my son with an internal peace and strength to cope with life’s daily stresses.  

For kids with Autism, these typical stresses are magnified and almost unbearable over many contexts. We began with a child who was constantly afraid, fragile, and often violent and in a flight/fight mode. 

As the program has progressed months later, we have a child who is content, will in to adapt, more self-confident, more self-secure and most importantly, happy.  I would highly recommend this program as it has benefited the entire family. We are all in a good place! Thank you.” 

Accredited Consultant – GT – Qld 2018 


Happy to Eat by Herself

“Parents Feedback: Father is much involved with the children. While he agreed with the mother that they need to do something with their daughter, he didn’t participate in The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® at all (and not open to a recording).

‘S’ responded well to The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® and at check-in at the 1-week mark, Mom was feeling comfortable with doing the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®. Although she sometimes falls asleep with the kids,  then does the process later when she wakes up to move to her own bed. 

So she’s probably not getting into the optimal brain-wave frequency every time, nevertheless, I encouraged her to continue every night consistently, even if it is not at the usual time.

At 5 weeks, Mom reported that ‘S’, seemed happier and less anxious day-to-day and at the 8-week mark, Mom reported that ‘S’ stood up in front of the class and volunteered to do a 2-sentence presentation she had prepared with mom at home on what she wanted to be when she grew up. She also participated in school Christmas play with a speaking line.

‘S’ came home from school and told mom “I didn’t cry in school all day today”. Mom was ecstatic. She also reported that ‘S’ is starting to take more responsibility for getting ready in the mornings. 

At 10 weeks: ‘S’ said: “Mommy, I eat myself” S. picked up her spoon during dinner and started feeding herself for the first time!  During the re-assessment, there were improvements and the biggest improvements were in the Emotional category, relating to anxiety, fears, self-esteem and ability to deal with emotions.

Accredited Consultant. KP – Canada 2015


Sibling Rivalry.

“The parents reported that ‘H’ has been in the past a less confident child despite his high intelligence in completing more advanced tasks and good results in learning. He also had some sibling rivalry issues with his younger sister. 

However, a short time after starting the foundation Phase 1 of The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® he has become more open and talkative, and his relationship with his younger sister and his attitude towards her has changed in a very positive way. 

The parents commented with surprise how he made a complete change by being helpful and protective of her in such a short time. Continuing with The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® will make their relationship stronger into the future and benefit the whole family.”

Accredited Consultant: LH – 2018


Overcoming  Sibling Rivalry. 

“The parent feedback: ‘P’ is the younger of 2 siblings. Her older brother and her had some sibling rivalry issues prior to starting The Golding Process – SleepTalk®, with ‘P’ displaying more of the jealousy and attention-seeking at times when she thought she was being “left out”. 

After the first few weeks of starting the Foundation Stage, this behavior has disappeared. At the same time her parents were very surprised at the growing affection she was showing to both of them, but at times also to others in the family. 

Her relationship with her brother has noticeably improved, and she is also gaining confidence in entering preschool this year. My recommendation is to continue with Foundation Statement and review a potential addition of Specific Statements later in consultation with parents.

Accredited Consultant: LH – 2018


Sibling Rivalry. 

“Parent feedback: ‘C’ wakes up quietly now without any anger. He is calmer in the mornings and getting ready for school is becoming easier for all of the family. He is learning to use self-control and walking away when his brother upsets him.” 

“Consultant feedback: Mum was excited by the results she had achieved and wanted to move on to include the next support suggestion. Mum reported that it had positive results. 

‘C’s biggest achievement was to attend a crowded soccer break up and went by himself to get a book of vouchers that was required to get his meals and treats. Mum said this would never have happened before and she was so proud of his achievement. ‘C’ also attended the school fair and happily went off with his big brother to go on rides. 

Mum feels that ‘C’s level of anxiety in group situations has reduced greatly and that ‘C’s happier to go to school and keen to share his achievements big or small with the family. He is also confidently speaking on the phone now and going up to shopkeepers and asking for what he wants. The family is still working with ‘C’ to give eye contact.” 



“I feel that mum has grasped the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® program and used it well. She was very keen for this to work and has been positive all the way through. It has been wonderful to be part of this journey with the family. It is wonderful to see ‘C’ becoming more confident within him. I am in contact with the family regularly and will follow up on her needs and anything that she requires to support her.”

Accredited Consultant: MP – 2010 Vic 


Sibling Rivalry. 

I feel that Mum saw such a change in her other child using this process that she became more excited about using it with ‘F’ as she saw the rewards his sibling was achieving. 

Both Mum and I feel that her husband really needs to spend time administering the suggestions to ‘F’ to have a positive effect on their relationship. Mum felt confident in applying the process to ‘F’ without my assistance so we worked on two more suggestions that she would use when she felt it was time.

Accredited Consultant: MP – 2010 Vic 


More Affectionate with her Father

Parent feedback: “Attempting something for the first time, I was nervous to begin the process, especially as it takes me forever to get ‘L’ to sleep. The thought of waking the child was a huge concern. 

It took me a couple of nights to get into the regular pattern of remembering to administer the foundation process and skill is required to understand and judge when ‘L’ was in the correct brain wave frequency. I found that ‘L’ would give a little sigh and I could begin. I only touch her forehead and stroke her if I have been out and she is in a very deep sleep.

I found that within the first week of starting the process ‘L’ was more affectionate to her father, hugging him and saying I love you.  I found that after working with the foundation process for a week if ‘L’ woke at night I would enter the room and using my calm reassuring voice I would recite the statements. She would instantly settle back down to sleep.

I was using the script during the day with ‘L’ choosing appropriate times and using them in context to what was happening around us. I often hear ‘L’ saying: “Today is a happy day”. 

After about a month of using the foundation process, I started saying the words to ‘L’ at night before she would go to sleep. One day she said, “Stop Mummy it’s my turn.” And she changed the wording herself to use the foundation stage on me. WOW, I thought what an impact this has had on her. This reinforced to me just how important it is to give our children continual positive reinforcement.”

SleepTalk® Mum – Report from Accredited Consultant: MP – 2010 Vic 


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