Eating / Swimming / Separation Anxiety

Consultant – Case history feedback: “The parents loved the idea of the Goulding SleepTalk® process and couldn’t wait to get started!  After reading through the website and literature I had given her, mum felt that this is such an amazing, yet simple program.  They have two sons, ‘J’ and ‘N’.  Dad has his own business and works Monday to Friday and also goes away for work at times, for 1 -2 week stints.  Mum is an extremely organized person who follows through on commitments, so I am looking forward to seeing how their journey progress’.

1st discussion March 2011
Mum feels ‘J’ is too clingy and would like to see him more confident in himself, not necessarily an extrovert though, just himself.  He loves food and will eat anything but relies on mum feed spooning him still.   He will push mums buttons, for example nagging if she is on the phone to get off.  Mum tries not to growl at him but also doesn’t want him to have ‘no boundaries’ either so instead tries to discuss it with him calmly and in a manner that he understands.  Dad was away for the 1st week that SleepTalk® started but was more than willing and happy to implement the process as well.

After a few days, I received this text message from mum: “I had to let you know, it seems that just in the last few days ‘J’ has been happy to do more things without me being right beside him. Today at the park he rode off on his bike with his mate and played without me for ages!!  Oh I hope it keeps up! Xx”

A couple of weeks after I received the first text message, I received the following, “Loving the SleepTalk….and I’m sticking with it, he is responding well”.  Mum was very happy with the process and is very diligent and I feel that she has done wonderfully in that she has picked up on the subtly within his behavior.

May 2011. Feedback regarding his eating habits was very positive so we developed some ‘specific’ suggestions to deal with his confidence and fear of swimming and Mum loved the support suggestions and was looking forward to seeing how he responded to them.  A week later she sent me through the following feedback: “…..we had swimming at 4pm…..and…..NO TEARS!!!!!  He had a ball.  He was back to the old ‘J’ I know and love and he kicked, and he swam and he jumped in off the side like mad!!!  Thanks heaps …I LOVE THIS SLEEPTALK caper!!”

Conclusion: Mum is rapt with this whole process.  She is more than happy to continue and as other issues arise, implement further statements. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with this family.  Mum is an extremely honest and grounded person and is so impressed with the Goulding process and has no hesitation what so ever recommending it to others, and for her to keep it up for many years to come.  She is very grateful for this “gift” for her son and can see the benefits right in front of her eyes.  The only question she has is: “Why doesn’t every parent do this?”

Consultant – Natalie Oakley – Vic.

Speech and swimming issues

A normally articulate 8year old boy suddenly starts to have problems articulating certain sounds. A pattern of repeating words within sentences establishes itself. He often stops mid-sentence to correct himself, several times. Speech becomes disjointed, lacking any fluidity and staccato in effect. Very hard for the listener to understand what is being said. Sentences often end with the slogan “Well, I mean” conjugated to “Well I meant” if the main verb in the preceding sentence is in the past tense.

Initial treatment involved talking to the boy, discussing if there is anything bothering him, and asking why he feels the need to repeat things. Incentives, such as outings, are offered in the hope that he will make an improvement. Parents discuss whether to send their son for speech therapy.

Mother is becoming upset at what she feels could be a debilitating condition if left untreated. She read the SleepTalk® book and began the Foundation process, running it for a period of three to four weeks before consulting Joane for some suggestions. Joane points out that the speech issue is an effect and not a cause. Since beginning the Foundation process, feedback indicates there had been some major shifts of improvement in his behaviour and the speech issues have completely stopped.

As there was considerable sibling rivalry at home, Joane’s first strategy was to insert the sister’s name in the foundation process. The primary suggestion then chosen was “You enjoy swimming” to assist him with some fears he had been having during swimming classes.

Four weeks later the boy’s mother reported the speech problems and swimming concerns had completely disappeared.