Childhood Fears

Addressing Childhood Fears

Fear of Dogs

Mum called feeling very distressed about her daughter, E who had been suffering a real phobia of dogs and also with high levels of social anxiety and separation issues. The teachers at ‘E’s’ primary school had also noted that E had been seen quite often on her own in the playground.

Both parents had tried absolutely everything to help their daughter with her phobia of dogs which had got out of hand to the point where they weren’t able to visit anyone who had a dog which wasn’t locked up. In the past both parents had taken ‘E’ to see a child psychologist, a pediatrician, a male hypnotherapist (E didn’t feel comfortable with him) and a GP and nothing had been able to help their daughter up to this point.

Feeling fed up and at their wits end with what to do mum told me “You are our last hope, we just don’t know what to do anymore?” The parents started the Goulding Process- Sleep Talk® Foundations Phase  straight away and within a few weeks they already started to notice a marked improvement in ‘E’s level of confidence at being able to be left on her own.

Within the next 6 weeks, E was beginning to demonstrate a much higher level of more confidence around dogs, herself and others. There was a very noticeable in E’s response to dogs, when they went to the park and she saw a dog instead of the old reaction to run and scream, E stayed calm and didn’t panic; both parents were amazed by such a quick positive change in behaviour. Previously she would have been petrified and screamed and now she was much calmer.

During the 3 months both parents described the results as astounding. Mum said “we have our daughter back and you have changed our entire family’s lives, we can’t thank you enough”. Mum told me they can’t believe after all they have been through just how much this whole processed worked to get their girl and their family such amazing results…

The end result, E is now playing happily in the playground at school with friends, E is calm, confident and happy. E no longer suffers separation anxiety and is a happy confident little girl AND E asked her mum and dad if she could have a family pet; A DOG!!!!

Nicole Lane – Accredited Goulding Process- SleepTalk® Consultant.


Felt like a knot had been undone. 

“Parents feedback mum has shared with me that many nights ‘E’ was responding physically to the Goulding Process- SleepTalk® and has often either voiced a sigh or even smiled. 

During the day, manifesting what was said during the night, with parts of the suggestions seemed to make a huge difference to her. Mum had forgotten about it, when I called her a week in to check on her, I reminded her and the result became really visible immediately.  ‘E’ is very vocal and loves to talk things through.

The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® had a response in her that “felt like a knot had been undone”. Given the opportunity to talk her through her emotions mum found it much easier to parent her.

Also dad felt that The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® as a tool, had made him feel a lot more competent as a father because it was so tangible. Both parents also agree that the energy created while doing the process  before they themselves are going to bed, has helped to create an overall better energy in the household.

As this case has been a while ago and the family has come back to me for further level 2, I can overall say that it has been a strong tool in their toolbox, helping ‘E’ to grow into challenges she was facing and come out stronger at the other side.

Really, as a parent coach I see the value also for the parents who feel more competent with a tangible tool and really supported.”

Accredited Consultant – Cornelia Dahinten – Zurich 2014


No longer afraid

Parent Feedback: “Hello, I have known Mrs. Lahode by my pediatrician. He told me about the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®. Because my first boy was agitated, was afraid of  anyone and for my 2nd he was also shake but on the other hand it was a lot of whim. 

So on September 7th, 2016 I went to see Maha and after that I started the Goulding Process SleepTalk® and I can tell you that my children have completely changed in some time they are more calm, the big one is no longer afraid and the little less capricious.

A big change. A big thank you to Mrs. Lahode for those words and advice and the Goulding Process- SleepTalk® that really works.”

Accredited Consultant and Trainer: Maha Lahode – Genève 2017


Not frighened anymore of spiders or flies anymore.

Feedback received from the parents:  “Our son is doing much better all round, he is not crying so much, not freaking out so much, more confident in his studies as he is top of the class and he wants to go to a specific school.

His creativity has improved no end and he is suddenly NOT frightened of spiders and crane flies anymore!  He is also more confident in training other kids in kick-boxing and his overall confidence has improved.

He will now go to shops on his own, he went down a huge Zip Wire at Go Ape much to his parents amazement.  However, he is not dealing with anger so well – probably as it has been the summer holidays and he gets irritated with his sister, but we are continuing to work with that issues. ‘E’ is much more affectionate and cuddles all the time.”

Consultant: Paola Bagnall – UK 2009


Much Calmer

“What a session!  Mum was so happy and said that ‘L’ was hugely, hugely better and has not mentioned her anxieties at all. ‘L’ keeps waking up and sits up when mother goes in to her bedroom and says: “what are you doing?”

Thus I suggested not doing the touching before the Foundation from now on. Mum has been texting one of the foundation suggestions to both girls since our first session every day . One day she missed doing this and ‘L’ texted her “where is my text?” Mum feels that ‘L’ needs lots of reassurance.

I suggested an additional suggestion. Mum also said that children mirror you and she has seen this, now she is calmer having done the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®, ‘L’ is calmer.”

Consultant: Paola Bagnall – UK 2009


Met some new friends.

Parent Feedback: “I love this process, its easy and builds better connections with my boys.

My son is now more positive about eating some other things (but still prefers chips). Need more work in this area, but it’s a big improvement.

He is feeling like he belongs in his new 4yr old kinder program now and has met some new friends.

Have had big improvements with boys wanting to go to dads overnight and they even like his new partner. Overall, very happy with the process.”

Accredited Consultant: Anneliese Luz – Vic 2019


No longer panics when it rains

“The end result was very positive in this case as ‘E’ no longer feared storms with the same intensity as she did 4 months ago. She no longer wakes when it rains or start to panic when  grey clouds appear.

This means she has become less anxious and her parents are also less anxious knowing everyone will be able to sleep even if it rains!

The extra energy she has now that she is no longer anxious has been put to good use with new gymnastics and swimming classes. ’E’ is also beginning to try new foods which previously she rejected by simply smelling them. 

The family are keen to use The Goulding Process – SleepTalk in the future when different challenges arise.”

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018


No more grinding teeth. 

“The parents reported that ‘A’ had improved in physical ability and her approach to kindergarten.  She is taking more risks and attempting tasks that in the past may have been too overwhelming. 

Although still some anxiety but seems to be working in herself to overcome it. It takes a great deal of effort but now she can do it.  She is calmer; some of her fears are no longer a factor and Mum cannot recall her grinding her teeth at all recently. 

Mum reports that there has been considerable change in several areas that justifies moving to Level 2.  Fear and Anxiety are still issues for ‘A’ as she is still being affected by her difficulty to cope with change. It is being addressed at Kindergarten, and the parents still have some concerns. 

She is sensitive and empathetic and needs to improve her confidence and ability to handle “whatever comes along” and to keep herself calm when she is overwhelmed with nerves.  Specific Suggestion were introduced and the “sandwich” structure explained and to repeat the new suggestion 5 times.

Feedback: The new baby arrived a week after our meeting, and Mum said that while it has been a little difficult, they have been doing The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® whenever possible – both siblings. Feedback from this family has been delightful.

 ‘A’ has told her mum at kindergarten that she feels “strong and happy today”! I am concluding the case study at this point, but I intend to follow up monthly.”

Accredited Consultant: Kim High – Australia 2019 

Separation Anxiety

Feels happy & Normal

OMG… myself and my partner really thought our world was crumbling all around us with our daughter ‘A’ ( aged 10) . She has severe separation anxiety so bad that she would not even go into the toilet to brush her teeth unless her mum was right next to her, she would turn into someone completely different at the thought of getting left at school for even 10 mins with her mum just two min away.


We have been seeing a child psychologist at a cost of £100 per hour but 5 weeks into treatment we are still no further forward.


I was at a lost cause and thought all our life’s were ruined and didn’t hold much hope and certainly wasn’t enjoying life as it was a constant battle trying to do the right thing, the easy thing was to always be at ‘A’ side but that was an easy way out ….anyway I stumbled across the Goulding Process- SleepTalk® online.


Seven days into it on Tuesday morning ‘A’ got up for school with no crying and off to school we went, now ‘A’ knew we were leaving her at school for 45 mins that morning and we really were not looking forward to it, but everything seemed to go really well, in fact we even left for another hour in the afternoon and it’s been the same today so two great days in a row.


I asked ‘A’ what was different about how she felt today and she said ” I feel happy and normal ” which as you can imagine was music to our ears.


I can only put it down to the foundation process so I wanted to thank you so so much for giving us our daughter back. There is still some work to be done as she still won’t go to the Park herself or sleep herself but I believe there is help that I can get from a consultant for certain things we would like for our daughter is that correct??


Again thank you so much x.      SleepTalk® Parent Qld


The Process has been powerful


Feedback received from the parents: “They started the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® as they were separating. Dad says he really felt he made a connection with his children at first when he was vigilant with the process. 


He is no longer doing SleepTalk® as he is struggling with the changes resulting from the separation. After our discussion, he says he will return to the foundation statement, knowing that it can make a difference. He is feeling that their behaviour is changing daily due to the separation, sometimes for the better, sometimes worse.


I have reframed his belief suggesting this is an even more significant reason to provide the secure and routine practice of The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®. Mum has been committed and consistent and has seen some great results. Her mother’s day card from her daughter read “When I am with you I feel loveable”. 


Conclusion: The process has been very powerful in this family. The trauma from the past and the current changes to the family unit makes the Goulding Process SleepTalk®  ideal, bringing the parents together in some respects. I will continue to work with the family.”


Accredited Consultant: Kim High – Australia 2019 


Gratefull for the Gift.

“Mum is rapt with this whole process.  She is more than happy to continue and as other issues arise, implement further statements.


I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with these parents.  Both are extremely honest and grounded people and they are so impressed with the Goulding Process- SleepTalk®  and have no hesitation what so ever recommending it to others, and for them to keep it up for many years to come.  


They are very grateful for this “gift” for their son and can see the benefits right in front of their eyes.  The only question they have is: “why doesn’t every parent do this?”!

Consultant: NO – 2011


Less Intense &  Clingy 

“The mother by this point had been very satisfied with the progress of her child and the second phase of suggestions were given to her that included feeling loved, safe, and calm. 


The mother continues to report improvements in her son’s behaviour including lessened intensity of squabbles with the granddad, although she believes that is mostly the grandfather’s fault.


She was advised to have her parents join in on the Goulding Process to accelerate results as well as possibly allow the relationship between CS1 and his grandfather to evolve”


Professional Intern: NS – UAE       

Child Was Constantly Struggling


I will be forever grateful for your amazing technique; you cannot believe how tough it has been for our daughter and ourselves over the last 4 years.


We have shed many tears along with my daughter, she is now like a different child and so many people (teachers and principal) are amazed at the transformation.


Warm regards, Diane Newton


Separation Anxiety 


I wanted to let you know how ecstatic we are with the results from using the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®  technique on our daughter ‘I’.


As you know ‘I’ has struggled severely with separation anxiety since her days at kinder, she is now 9 years old.  She has struggled with school drop off’s since Prep and she is now in Year 3.


Last year it was recommended that we see a child Psychologist which we did for the whole year. There were minor improvements but it didn’t take much for her to regress to her old ways of crying and feeling sad.


Things like her teacher or best friend being away or returning to school after school holidays would all see ‘I’ in a terrible state.  It has been so bad at times over the last 4 years that I have seriously considering home schooling her but I knew ultimately that that wouldn’t help her in the long term.


We know that there have been no issues at school, she has had wonderfully supportive teachers and friends but it was never enough.


I am so thankful that we came and saw you earlier this year and you suggested we do the The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® .


It sounded too good to be true but we were desperate to help our child as it is heartbreaking to see your child constantly struggle to the point of being hysterical at school.


It has been a good 3 months using your technique and we are amazed.  ‘I’ is happy in the morning, gives me a kiss and walks into her class and starts chatting with her friends, wow!


She talks about school and her friends all the time and just seems very content and settled.  I asked her recently why she thought she was doing so well at school drop off and she said she didn’t know, she just felt different.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rosanna, you have changed our lives forever. Diane and family

Accredited Consultant – Rosanna Mosca – Vic – 2014

A SleepTalk® Miracle


We were in Crisis.

My name is Audra, and I am Mom to two beautiful daughters who inspire me daily to be a better me.


I have my BA in Elementary Education with a minor in special education from the University of Wyoming. I have taught 3rd grade at an International Bachelorette School in Fort Collins, CO, I’ve led the children’s ministry at Harvest Church in Billings, MT and currently work as a substitute teacher for Chino Valley Unified School District.


For as long as I can remember children have been my passion.  They are our future and I take that very seriously. As a teacher I love helping children develop and learn, and grow into little people.


While teaching, I quickly realized that parental involvement plays an integral role in how successful a child will be. Teachers inspire, lead, and teach, but parents are the key in the successful development of their self-esteem and confidence as well as their success in and outside of the classroom. Parents hold an enormous amount of power to influence their children in both positive and negative ways.


My desire is to help parents become empowered with knowledge that can transform their children’s lives with their own words within their own homes. I consider myself to be a child advocate, and there is no better way to help children in my opinion than to work with parents to inspire and build a strong self-esteem and confidence within their child.


Children who have a high self-esteem perform better in school and overall make better choices. Developing a child’s confidence and emotional firewall prepares them for a lifetime of success.


As a mom I have been in that dark place where I was desperate for help. I was challenged with two very angry struggling children. It took me by surprise, that even after years of working with parents and children I found myself at a loss of ideas on how to help my own children.


I felt hopeless!  I had tried everything, from discipline to bribery, and nothing was working. My children were not happy. That is the hardest thing for me to admit, my kids were not thriving at all. It seemed that on some days we were barely surviving, and I knew something had to give soon.  We were all in crisis. It was while I was in this place that I discovered The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®: My miracle.


I met with the founder Joane Goulding, and began a transformation that I consider a miracle. Within two weeks of starting the Goulding Process – SleepTalk, my children had shown remarkable improvement.


My youngest was no longer waking up with night terrors; she was sleeping the entire night in her own bed! My oldest was no longer angry each morning; she was waking up happy and content!


They were no longer fighting with each other all day long. Both children started to improve in school, and by the end of the school year were earning A’s and B’s. It still brings tears to my eyes to think about how simple and impactful just 2 minutes a night could be.


I vowed then that I wanted to share this process with every parent I know.  I took the certification course this summer to become a consultant with The Goulding SleepTalk Process, and am thrilled to now be able to teach other parents how to use it.


This is the single most impactful thing I have ever done with my children. It’s completely safe and easy to do, it just takes 2 minutes a night! The best part is that the PARENTS are the ones working directly with their children.


I am looking forward to talking with you about how you can become actively involved in building your child’s self-esteem and confidence

SleepTalk® Accredited Consultant – USA– Dec 2014

Separation Anxiety

I am delighted to be training in your Goulding Process – SleepTalk® for Children. I was delighted to receive a phone call from my daughter this morning, she lives in the South Island and I am in Auckland saying that she had started the Goulding Process- SleepTalk yesterday.

She has twin daughters, 2 1/2 years born 13 hours before the Christchurch earth quake at 25 weeks prem.  They both had brain bleeds due to the earthquake and ‘G’ has cerebral palsy (mild) (due to the shake)  It has affected her motor skills.  Recently my daughter received funding for some child care each week, to give her a break, and she is also learning special communication skills and sign language.

‘G’ is experiencing separation anxiety, and so yesterday, after trying to get hold of me but no answer, (I was at conference) she decided to use the method in their day time sleeps as they have had a virus and not sleeping well at night  and in the same room. She didn’t want the risk of waking the other up. So as I said she used the method yesterday afternoon.

Last night they woke for their 10.30 pm dream feed (small stomachs as they are undersized which is normal for prems) and when her husband’s alarm went off at 6am she couldn’t believe they were still asleep! She thought she must have got up and not remembered. This was the first time that they had both slept through, and she had the luxury of lying in bed for 15 mins before her other daughter ‘O’ called.

She is normally tired was is full of beans today and so looking forward to carrying on with this process, as I know she will as she is very diligent with her daughters. I just want to thank you, even at this early stage from the bottom of my heart for developing and sharing The Goulding Process- SleepTalk.

2013 – Patricia Allen – Consultant in Training – NZ

Separation Anxiety

I have started my cases. It took a little time to get the mums to start, but all’s going well now.  One little boy in particular is very interesting.  He is three years old and has a history of trauma from birth, with heart defects diagnosed in utero at 32 weeks. Not sure he would survive.

Caesar birth and separation from Mum when on respirator in NICU for two weeks. Open heart surgery at eight weeks. Before his birth, the parents’ marriage was already turbulent and abusive. Parents separated before his surgery. Mum has gone through very rough time. Custody hearings are still going on. Relationships still very strained between parents.

‘G’ is a lovely, bright little boy. Presenting issues for mum were sleep issues, he had severe separation anxiety at bed time and couldn’t settle alone to sleep, he had great separation anxiety at kinder hanging on to mum, and he was only opening his bowels once a week. After three days of The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®, he was going to bed easily, saying goodnight and going to sleep. His bowels opened a couple of times. He was also much happier in the mornings and less demanding on his mother.

Then a death in the family occurred and a bitter custody hearing happened at the same time. In all the chaos The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® was put on the back burner.

It was time for the two week follow up two days ago. Mum was very keen to take up The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® again. She started two days ago and had a slight abreaction this time. We talked about it and she is very motivated to continue.  This dear little boy is still sleeping well and yesterday he went into kinder happily, not hanging on to mum’s legs, but looking at the activities he wants to do.

2013 – Deborah Stevens  –  SleepTalk® Consultant – Vic.

Separation anxiety, Fear

A Goulding SleepTalk Consultant talks about case histories.  The Goulding SleepTalk Process is a method whereby parents are involved in building self esteem and an awareness of unconditional love in their children, as well as dealing with behavioral and emotional issues. SleepTalk is a valuable parenting tool for all parents.

Eating / Swimming / Separation Anxiety

Consultant – Case history feedback: “The parents loved the idea of the Goulding SleepTalk® process and couldn’t wait to get started!  After reading through the website and literature I had given her, mum felt that this is such an amazing, yet simple program.  They have two sons, ‘J’ and ‘N’.  Dad has his own business and works Monday to Friday and also goes away for work at times, for 1 -2 week stints.  Mum is an extremely organized person who follows through on commitments, so I am looking forward to seeing how their journey progress’.

1st discussion March 2011
Mum feels ‘J’ is too clingy and would like to see him more confident in himself, not necessarily an extrovert though, just himself.  He loves food and will eat anything but relies on mum feed spooning him still.   He will push mums buttons, for example nagging if she is on the phone to get off.  Mum tries not to growl at him but also doesn’t want him to have ‘no boundaries’ either so instead tries to discuss it with him calmly and in a manner that he understands.  Dad was away for the 1st week that SleepTalk® started but was more than willing and happy to implement the process as well.

After a few days, I received this text message from mum: “I had to let you know, it seems that just in the last few days ‘J’ has been happy to do more things without me being right beside him. Today at the park he rode off on his bike with his mate and played without me for ages!!  Oh I hope it keeps up! Xx”

A couple of weeks after I received the first text message, I received the following, “Loving the SleepTalk….and I’m sticking with it, he is responding well”.  Mum was very happy with the process and is very diligent and I feel that she has done wonderfully in that she has picked up on the subtly within his behavior.

May 2011. Feedback regarding his eating habits was very positive so we developed some ‘specific’ suggestions to deal with his confidence and fear of swimming and Mum loved the support suggestions and was looking forward to seeing how he responded to them.  A week later she sent me through the following feedback: “…..we had swimming at 4pm…..and…..NO TEARS!!!!!  He had a ball.  He was back to the old ‘J’ I know and love and he kicked, and he swam and he jumped in off the side like mad!!!  Thanks heaps …I LOVE THIS SLEEPTALK caper!!”

Conclusion: Mum is rapt with this whole process.  She is more than happy to continue and as other issues arise, implement further statements. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with this family.  Mum is an extremely honest and grounded person and is so impressed with the Goulding process and has no hesitation what so ever recommending it to others, and for her to keep it up for many years to come.  She is very grateful for this “gift” for her son and can see the benefits right in front of her eyes.  The only question she has is: “Why doesn’t every parent do this?”

Consultant – Natalie Oakley – Vic.

Separation anxiety & sibling rivalry

March 2010

My husband and I have made it our mission to find a solution to help our 5 year old daughter with her anxiety and separation issues.  She is naturally a highly sensitive and obedient child (which affects her self confidence and ultimately other areas of her development).  The main issue we really wanted to help her address is separation, particularly at kindergarten, in order to help her deal better with separation when she starts school in 12 months’ time. “I” worries about everything from the rain ruining the clothes to her little sister getting lost in the crowd.  We read quite a few books that suggested difference theories and strategies, we sought counsel from several professionals like GPs, Teachers, other parents, Kinaesiologists and Psychologists then we discovered SleepTalk and Joane Goulding.

The main concern we had is her anxiety related to separation mainly at Kindergarten and even with grandparents and with Dad, she just wanted to be with me – her Mum.  The tears and stress would start sometimes two days before kinder day then on the morning of kinder she would be crying quietly during breakfast.  It was heartbreaking to watch and even more sad that we had no solution to help our little girl.

Once I got my hands on the book I read it and started the Foundation process instantly, I then sought counsel from Joane Goulding and we began the “Where Does My Child Stand Now” process.  It took several weeks to observe any Feedback so we continued the Foundations process for about 6-8 weeks.

In just a few short weeks we started to see amazing results, the initial results where not the ones we were looking for.  “I” started to display voluntary and positive signs of affection which she used to sometimes hold back, she also seemed more relaxed.  We knew this feedback must be a direct result of SleepTalk.

Another consultation with Joane and completion of the “Where Does My Child Stand Now” and ongoing use of the SleepTalk process brought us to the goal we’ve been aiming for – one morning while preparing to go to kinder and I was prepared for the usual anxiety and sadness with the lead up to saying goodbye.  She looked at me and with certainty she said “I’m going to be happy today at kinder and I’m not going to cry when we say goodbye” – one can only imagine how emotional and excited I was to hear this.  Both days that week she did exactly that, I believe she had her breakthrough and she is so excited and proud of herself, she continued to remind me of her success for several days.

Her behaviour change has been consistent from this day on.  “I” is now 6 years old, has started school and much to the amazement of everyone who thought she may have issues again in a new environment, she is elated with school, wants to be there every day (and even at night).


Social skills & separation anxiety

March 2007 – Cookie Harkin – BABYSWIM Australia

Dear Cookie,
I just wanted to write this letter to thank you so much for introducing me to the SleepTalk® program. I honestly can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made to my son’s life. I can’t believe how a program such as this could have such a powerful impact; it really is a “miracle”.

My son will be four years old at the end of this month; basically, he had not made much progress in terms of his social skills in a year. He did not play with the other children at all and I was told he engaged in “solitary” and “parallel” play. Even when his teacher physically put him in amongst a group of children, he would still play by himself and not engage in conversation with the others. He never contributed verbally to the class and was too shy to say hello or bye to the other children when prompted. Last year there were tears every time I dropped him off at kinder, even at the start of this year as well. He was invited to a few birthday parties but he didn’t want to walk in the door. He would make such a scene with his tears and tantrums that often we would just give a child their present and leave. When we would stay, he would not want to participate in activities and just wanted to sit and watch the other kids.

When you told me to use SleepTalk® I was very sceptical but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. It really was such a simple process yet so amazingly effective. I would wait for him to fall asleep then come back in 30 minutes and resent the process. I also reinforced the statements approximately once or twice a day when he was conscious.

I really expected to see results (if there was going to be any) in 3 weeks because this is what I read in a pamphlet you gave me but by the fifth day, his teacher said he was a different child. I was astounded yet very happy.  She said he was engaging in play with the other children and on one particular day he was such a chatterbox they couldn’t shut him up. He is now happy to go to kinder in the morning and looks forward to it. No more tears! I have been told he has also put up his hand and made several contributions to group discussions. The other day we were in our local library and he met another boy and actively engaged in social play with him without my prompting or encouraging him. Something he has never done before. He is now also happy to say hello to our neighbours, something he was too shy to do before.

As you can see Cookie, SleepTalk has had such a positive impact on our family. My son is happier and while he will never be an extrovert, he has made significant progress and will continue to improve. I am still continuing with the program every night and will use it to grow his confidence and self-esteem. I still can’t believe how something that takes such little effort (a few minutes a night) can do so much good. Thank you for lending me the SleepTalk® book by Joane Goulding but I now have my own copy.

PV – Melbourne.

Anxiety and separation

My husband and I have made it our mission to find a solution to help our 5 year old daughter with her anxiety and separation issues. She is naturally a highly sensitive and obedient child (which affects her self confidence and ultimately other areas of her development). The main issue we really wanted to help her address is separation, particularly at kindergarten, in order to help her deal better with separation when she starts school next year.

We read quite a few books that suggested difference theories and strategies, we sought counsel from several professionals like GPs, Teachers, other parents, Kinaesiologists and Psychologists then we discovered SleepTalk and Joane Goulding. In just a few short weeks we started to see amazing results, the initial results where not the ones we were looking for. Our daughter started to display voluntary and positive signs of affection which she used to sometimes hold back, she also seemed more relaxed. Another consultation with Joane and ongoing use of the SleepTalk process brought us to the goal we’ve been aiming for – last week we were preparing to go to kinder and I was prepared for the usual anxiety and sadness with the lead up to saying goodbye.

I had been talking with Isabella during the day (apart from SleepTalk) about her making a decision to stop crying when we say goodbye at kinder. I said “when you’re ready, it would be a good idea to do it”. This morning she said she’ll try, a few minutes later she looked at me and with great certainty she said “I am going to be happy today and not cry when we say goodbye”. – one can only imagine how emotional and excited I was to hear this. I congratulated her and she did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Both days that week she did exactly that, I believe she had her breakthrough and she is so excited and proud of herself, she continued to remind me of her success.

When I picked her up, she said she stayed happy all day. She’s still very excited about her success and you can only imagine how I feel.

We are dedicated to this process and continue to use it with both our daughters to help them with the natural anxieties and behavioural areas needing attention. The wonderful benefits of SleepTalk is that it is non threatening to our children (unlike the other interventions we tried), they don’t even know we’re doing it J. Also it involves us, which we love and it is cost effective. I really hope that this information will help other parents to give SleepTalk a try, when committed to it, they will be amazed and proud of the results.

Thank you Joane for your passion and interest in sharing such an amazing tool for parents to use. Our children are priceless and so is SleepTalk.

Natalie Cossar