Nail Biting


Much Brighter in the mornings


My First Case study mum has said that her daughter has stopped biting her fingers and nails and she had to actually clip them a few days ago, she is now much brighter in the mornings, is much more loving to all her family and especially to her sister.


She even heard her tell her little sister “you are loveable” a few days ago!


Case studies 2 & 3 are now underway with a 14month old and a 5 year old boy whom his parents had jokingly nicknamed “The Beast”. the influence of language was one of the first things that I explained to his mum. They are going to stop calling him this forthwith!


Sonia Richards – Professional Intern – UK – 2014

Nail biting

No more nail biting

I just wanted to share something with you all. Since the training course in May I have been carrying out the process with both my boys, my eldest son was a nail biter, to the point where his nails were very sore and often would bleed.

Tonight driving along he said to my youngest son: “I don’t bite my nails anymore, I have no idea how I stopped but I just did”. I smiled and said that was great, I was bursting with joy! X

2013 – Claire Bossons Consultant in Training – UK


Totally Stopped Nail Bitting.

“The mother reports that there has been significant overall improvement for ‘Y’.  He is showing more life in his day to day activities. His Maths have improved, he is better in managing his stress from school work without throwing temper at doing difficult Maths.   

There is an improvement in his confidence regarding Study and he has proved to himself that he can do better.  Being able to overcome his carelessness at study has helped to boost his confidence in it. However his writing has declined by 15% but this is due to the new demands at school as they have started writing compositions and he is adjusting to this new demand. 

He has stopped nail biting totally and his day to day happiness has improved by 50%. He is seemingly happier and was able to remain calm and control his emotions, in particularly his anger better. His ability to work alone: Improved by 40%.  

He is learning to do his homework / spelling without supervision.  He is also able to play on his own and take interest in reading his books on his own.  His behaviour towards Parents has improved 30%.  There are less tension over school work and he is now more willing to listen and learn when I teach or guide him through certain issues.  

I realised that not only his behaviour is now better towards me, I feel that I no longer get angry with him as often as in the past.  We are now able to talk things out. 

I am very pleased with the results.  During this short span of 6 months, many of my pressing concerns were resolved.  Namely nail biting, carelessness with schoolwork, improving focus or concentration at school, being able to sit still at dining table to finish his meals.  

My son is now not only able to finish all his food during meal time, he is able to finish his meal with lesser time.”   

Accredited Consultant: Kilyn Liong – Singapore 2018


Nail Bitting gone.. Next

“Two weeks later at a follow up appointment, the complaints of the parents had totally transformed. New problems came up such as poor and rushed handwriting, being quite annoying when he wants things (especially if his friends have them, poor response to peer pressure), did not share willingly and was bossy. His nail biting had further improved and his anger issues had begun to subside, and he had also begun to recall his classwork more easily. By this point he had been started on medication.

The father added in that his son overestimates his abilities and was afraid he was being smug, proud or hubris. He would take out his frustrations on his little sister by pushing her around, especially if his parents were not around to guide him, but could be calmed if sent to his room. 

A month later, at the final follow up after the foundation process the symptoms checklist once again looked remarkably different. The parents came in reporting absolutely nothing as less than good. 

His anger and anxiety issues had reportedly disappeared, and his parents reported 55% improvement in socially acceptable behaviour, 85% improvement in nail biting, and 70% improvement in stress levels reflected on parents.”

Professional Intern: NS – UAE


Firstly I must extend my sincere thanks to you for the gift of Sleep Talk.  The wonder of your simple program has permeated our whole family.

My husband, D and I have three children, my eldest son S. aged four and a half, his brother B aged three and a quarter and sister M who is six months old.  I took M to the paediatric chiropractor back in September and it was there that your book was recommended to me.  I believe I mentioned to the chiropractor, that S was quite shy and sometimes lacked confidence, and that is how the subject of your book came up.  I ordered it straight away and could not put it down.

We are blessed to have three wonderful, ‘normal’ children.  As I mentioned, I was somewhat concerned that S’s confidence seemed to be diminishing, on some levels, rather than increasing with age.  The other major concern was that S was a nail biter.  I believe the nail biting was a response when he became anxious or was out of his comfort zone but it had developed into a habit also.  It was to the point of creating sores on his fingers.

After working with the foundation script for a couple of months, we introduced the nail biting suggestion.  After only a couple of weeks the biting had drastically reduced and is now non-existent.  It was a very happy day when we actually had to cut his nails!  His fingernails really are ‘healthy and strong’ and we point that out often.  That to me was proof positive of the power of Sleep Talk.

S’s confidence has also greatly increased.  He is still quite reserved in large groups but that is his nature and personality.  He will, however, take the initiative to interact with others much more readily and is willing to speak his mind when necessary.  We went on a family holiday in November and my husband and I both asked, “Who is this child?!”.  At one point he took off and introduced himself to another child in the caravan park and the next thing we knew he was riding the boy’s bike!  It was a delight to behold.

Our B has always been quite confident and we believe that Sleep Talk is reinforcing that.  When he used to attend day care he did have some separation anxiety on occasion and can still get anxious when I move out of sight and he thinks he has been left.  He starts three-year-old kinder in the new year so it will be interesting to see how he goes.  We have already introduced a fear and anxiety suggestion to try to counter any issues he may have and we discuss how much fun it will be all of the time (he already knows kinder very well because Sam had his first year this year).

M is pure delight and a year off her introduction to Sleep Talk!

Your book, Sleep Talk, has so perfectly complemented everything else I have been reading on my own spiritual journey.  I am so grateful that with the aid of Sleep Talk my children will develop beliefs about themselves, and their place in the world, that will bring all that is positive to their life experiences.  I am working on stripping back the layers of so many negative beliefs my subconscious has been clinging to.  It is cathartic and amazing but my children will be blessed if it is a process they never have to go through.  If we are building a positive foundation and teaching them to love who they are then we are succeeding as their parents. I hope that they will be glad they chose us!

Again, thank you Joane.  Happy New Year.