Improving concentration and confidence

Consultant report: Parents used the SleepTalk™ process for her 6 year old daughter to improve her concentration and confidence. I worked with both parents, however, mum was the main parent doing the SleepTalk™.

I found the concept of SleepTalk interesting and so when Paola was asking for volunteers I jumped at the chance.  My daughter finds it hard to concentrate at school and can be quite anxious and so I wanted to see if SleepTalk could help in combination with other things. After a few months it seems that my daughter has responded well to SleepTalk. She is reading more confidently using SleepTalk and ‘K’ and has been moved up a group in her class and her swimming has improved a great deal and she is now enjoying it. We continue to do the SleepTalk now.  Paola has been brilliant along the way, helping with a few teething issues initially as my daughter kept waking up when I starting talking, but we sorted it out and all went well after that.  I would certainly recommend SleepTalk

ST Accredited Consultant – Paola Bagnell – 2014 UK

Self-esteem, memory & concentration

March 2010

Hello Joane, Thank you so much for your inspirational book. You have made me a very happy mother, my son has had very low self-esteem and it didn’t matter what I told him he didn’t believe in himself. Now he has started to be proud of who he is and his achievements. I am also using it on my daughter who has memory and concentration issues, she also seems to be doing better at school and I have only just finished the foundation stage. I have told many other parents about your wonderful SleepTalk technique. I will keep you informed.
Thankyou again for helping my children be all they can be. X