Behaviour Improvement

I have been using the foundation of The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® process with my six year old son for four months now and we have seen fantastic results with his mood and behaviour.

He is much happier, calmer and more in control of his emotions. We have just received his latest school report and his teachers have seen a great change in him over the last couple of months but there are still a couple of areas they feel he needs to work on and I wanted some advice on statements I could introduce to help him with this.

Thank you
SleepTalk Mum – UK – 2016


In the first two months the main thing that I have realised was that I loved them even more.

I would never thought that was possible because I loved them so much anyway. But now I started to see them through different eyes. I watched them to sleep and I forgave them all of their mischiefs and laziness. I started to accept their flows! So those words did influenced – at least me. (Sorry for the English)

ST Accredited Consultant – Gerely (Nicolas) Miklós – Hungary – 2014

I have changed!

We have lots of things to tell. SleepTalk works very well with my girls! The first born ‘M’ after the first day reacted like that: I picked her up in school; she jumped into the car and said: “it’s a happy day Mom”. She is 13 – very well balanced. SleepTalk is so good for a teenager, like her.

With my 2nd daughter ‘L’, she reacts not so quick. She is 10, and she is still angry in the morning, but I can tolerate her behaviour better.

The thing – I have changed! This two minutes every night, makes me more patient, calm and loving mother:

ST Consultant Intern – Marian – Hungary – 2014


I had a mother, she was really negative…she thought that it will not work. I was kind of frustrated. I encouraged her over and over again. She wanted to give up….she was so focused on the negative…I was phoning with her several times….and she was writing me negative emails where she told me what I was doing wrong….yesterday we came together for a second appointment.

With the papers you gave us – the ‘Where does my child stand now’ questionnaire I was sure, there was a change…at the end of this appointment she was so happy, she had proof that there was some improvement!!!    She could see it on the paper…! And I was excited that this person, that was so negative….had the proof…. Now she wants to go on with the process

ST Accredited Consultant Nicole Wackernagel-Holzer – Switzerland 2014

Behavioural Difficulties

“I have had some great success with families that I have started working with.  You will be pleased to hear that a child experiencing general behavioural difficulties was able to turn it all around within a 5 week period.   His teacher commented to his parent: “ I don’t know what you’ve done but keep it up he’s a different child, such a pleasure to teach, keep it up”.   She said that all parents should be doing this for their children!   His mum was so excited and so proud to have achieved this and I’m happy for her too.”

Consultant – Mary Lynch. NSW

Education / Behaviour / Confidence

Parent Feedback:  “I had read about SleepTalk® and felt that my 10-year-old son would greatly benefit from it and found that the process fitted easily into our routine as a family. We have always remained dedicated to keeping the process part of the night-time routine as our consultant advised that this was important.

We found that there was ‘feedback’ within a matter of days as my son began getting up in the morning for school in a really good mood, with plenty of energy.   Other results included the fact that my son’s teacher and head teacher noted that he had been writing more in his written work and also that he was more confident with his math’s – even asking to come in at playtime to do his math’s work!

The behaviour change that had led to this improvement in the classroom – he was now beginning to feel self-confident – also meant that he didn’t feel the need to behave in an attention-seeking manner, which could be seen as disruptive.  As my son became more confident and self-assured, it was noticeable that he began to socialise better with his peers, and the best example of this is that he began to be invited to more parties.   And we are now presenting some specific ‘suggestions’ as my son is working through important exams.

We have truly found that SleepTalk® has been a tool that has been easy to fit into our routine and one that has made a huge difference to our family’s life.  There is no doubt that the program is “working”.  When my son said: “Mum, everything has been great since 3 weeks ago!”

He didn’t quite know why it was – but we knew. It was 3 weeks prior to this, that we had started the SleepTalk® program!   We continue to work with this process now and I would highly recommend it to any parent of any child. The results really do speak for themselves.”
Consultant:  Jenny Harrison – UK

Trauma & behaviour issues

March 2010

Dear Joane, thank you for the email.  I originally heard about SleepTalk® for children in Geraldton WA about 10 years ago from a Naturopath and therapist – Maggie Parker.  I personally was seeing a hypnotherapist there for anxiety and I mentioned my concerns for my 6 yr old daughter.  She had come from an abusive home and I was worried about her confidence and self esteem.  I did SleepTalk® with her for about 2 years.  She is in year 12 now and doing really well.  Very confident self assured young lady. I now have a 7 year old boy and his parents have just separated. He is showing classic signs of trauma.  He is not doing well at school, his behaviour is shocking and he is extremely angry and confused about the separation.  I have been ripping my hair out with him lately.  I was at my wits end the other night and I was kissing him goodnight and running my fingers across his forehead telling him how much I loved him and it hit me!!!!  SLEEPTALK!!!!

So I can’t wait to get the book as I have forgotten the basics and I am so confident this will help my son immensely.  Just to pat you on the back…..about 6 years ago my niece was experiencing extreme anxiety in regards to her parents.  She couldn’t stand to be apart from them, even in sleep.  I suggested SleepTalk® to my sister and she said with in one month ‘G’ was doing really well and could even do a sleepover at a friend.  It is truly fantastic and thanks.