Autism – High Functioning

Did another stage 2 Assessment with a mum today – her son is 10yrs old turning 11 later this year so he’s not young per say and has a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism. And the change in him with the Foundation Statement has been phenomenal; I actually had a lump in my throat as Mum was describing the fact that she now has her family back and her boy.

He also sits bolt upright during the process, eyes wide open and says “I know you love me!” every night, then lays down and continues sleeping.

The School have noted that from a boy who was angry, withdrawn and unable to cope with aspects of school i.e. Assembly and gym – He was given an award for his progress, giving a talk to his Class, taking part in gym, joining his class at Assembly… it just goes on…

Jane Clark – Intern – UK – 2014

Autism – Mild high functioning

Dear Beryl, it was wonderful to meet you last week at ‘The Change Initiative’ for the ‘Sleep Talk’ workshop in Dubai. I found the workshop hugely interesting and my husband and I have been following the foundation programme for a week now.

As well as finding the process very special and very healing (particularly for me), we have noticed some major changes in our son already. He has stayed in his own bed every night since we began, except for once and that time it was different. Instead of bursting into our bedroom in a crazed panic, he came in and asked very calmly and quietly for a kiss, after which he went straight back to bed.

We have also noticed him much more independent when he is in a social setting or out and about with us, his language is more fluid and he’s not getting so mixed up with the third person when he talks about himself, his teacher also reports him as calmer and more focused at school.

Thank you for giving us and our son this truly incredible gift. ‘S’ was diagnosed with mild high functioning autism two years ago and in that time he has been through therapy, been prodded and poked, tested and assessed to his and our limit as parents who adore him. Finally we have found a non-invasive way to allow him to be the best he can be. Thank you.

ST Parent – A&M – Dubai – 2014

Spectrum Autism

Just touched base with one of the two families I am working with on the ‘Foundation”. Mom has two daughters, the 10 year old has Spectrum Autism Mom said that she knows her daughter is getting better as she is getting older, but she had noted improvements on several fronts in just the 6 weeks of doing the programme!

The biggest is in mood states/self-esteem, better attitude in the morning to going to school, fewer outbursts when not having things go her way, and the outbursts she has last shorter time, overall calmer when having to transition from one task/situation to another, fewer outbursts with yelling in response to frustration, and yelling stops sooner, and overall more cooperative when asked to do something.

This is even more striking since the mom was seriously ill for two weeks of the 6 weeks, so the SleepTalk was not consistent some of that time. Furthermore, dad has addiction issues and is not home most of the time, and mom has been unable so far to get dad to record the foundation message for the daughter. Mom is really pleased with the programme.

ST Accredited Consultant –  Kris Pedder – Queensland – 2014


I have had another positive outcome from a Mum with an autistic child, received a note on the weekend indicating how much happier he is and even giving her cuddles spontaneously which he has never done before, the Mum is wrapped with the process.

Yesterday, I received great news regarding the child with autism, they have (through appropriate channels) been able to reduce the boy’s medication, he has had a real turn around because of the use of SleepTalk, so much so, the Grandparent, stood up and provided a testimonial yesterday at my talk. It is just wonderful.

Kirsteen Rowntree – Registered Consultant – Vic 2013


This video shows an interview with Joane Goulding, the developer of the Goulding SleepTalk Process, and a Sleeptalk Consultant (Has) who explains the dramatic results achieved using the process with two children and their parents.



‘S’ has been diagnosed with Autism as well as a learning disability, lower end IQ and some sight, hearing and digestive issues. His parents are highly motivated to get as much assistance and support as possible and very keen to use SleepTalk® and committed to the process.

Initially during the first week, Mum called to say she was concerned that ‘S’ was waking up during the night and wanting to “be with Mummy” which was concerning her. Once advised that this was a result of the new beliefs being introduced, she was reassured.

Generally there was overall improvement as shown by the supporting ‘Where does my child stand now’ casse history documentation. Both parents were very happy with the results. What they most noticed was that ‘S’ began understanding humour that had previously gone over his head and began making jokes that were quite complex.

He also became more assertive and confident, particularly at kinder and his energy levels in the morning were much higher. Overall, his general happiness and wellbeing increased. They will continue with the SleepTalk® on a maintenance basis and are very pleased with the results.

Case History Submitted Nov 2010 by:  KJ

Moderate Autism

Consultant Feedback: “I started to work with a SleepTalk® client regarding their son who has been diagnosed with ‘Moderate Autism’.  The parents have been consistently delivering SleepTalk® and have found that over the last week he has been going to sleep later and later.  He stays in his bed which isn’t a major problem; however he can still be awake up to 2 hours after they have put him to bed.  As he has never been a great sleeper his parents are not concerned, but I have felt that this may be part of his reaction to the process.

I have explained that the ‘Foundation’ statements need to be continued until the ‘sub-conscious’ mind has had time to assimilate and accept these new positive suggestions with re-enforcement throughout the daytime. Eventually the positive suggestions of the ‘Foundation’ will become so much stronger than the previously accepted negative ones. Just repeat “deep asleep – deep asleep” as they are putting him to bed and to reinforce they love him and that he is safe.”  Mary Lynch – Consultant NSW

Autistic spectrum

Thank you for your call today Joane, I have only just got home. Everything is going well. ‘C’ is doing fantastic and is very happy and positive which is great. ‘N’ is also doing well and he has said three new words since we saw you one of which was his sisters name.

This made me so happy and also wonder if this may be due to the inclusion of her in his reading.  He is also able to sit down for a bit longer to focus on things which is great. Looking forward to seeing you next week lots of positive things to tell you.