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Graduate Diploma in Psycho-nutrition accreditation:


On-Line Training

Graduate Diploma in Psycho-nutrition

The nominal duration of the Goulding Institute self-paced Graduate Diploma in Psycho-nutrition On-Line course is 700 hours.

There are formal requirements in terms of prerequisite competencies which include a Diploma or degree in a relevant health care discipline.

Application acceptance is subject to proof of membership of an approved Professional Association. The nature and depth of applicants’ formal qualifications varies widely and most are mature age participants with a demonstrated need to learn the techniques and strategies offered.


Course outcomes

The overall outcome of the Graduate Diploma is to provide a student with the awareness of how nutrition and neuro-biochemistry affect emotions, behaviour and chronic anxiety disorders which are essential for all mental health professionals.

This graduate course provides in depth theory and practice of proven mental health strategies.

The knowledge and skills students are required to successfully demonstrate, include an awareness of Psycho-nutrition as a contributing factor to behaviour management, anxiety and stress.

As a perquisite, participants will have a Diploma or degree in a relevant health care discipline or proof of equivalent in clinical experience in a related area, and the expertise to apply this knowledge within a clinical setting.

The expected outcomes of the On-Line Graduate Diploma course are the capacity to contribute additional skills and guidance within an established or independent practice.

To initiate, analyse, design, plan, execute and evaluate major contributing psycho-nutritional factors relevant to a client’s presenting issues.

At the completion of the Graduate Diploma On-Line program of study, a participant would be expected to be able to integrate the knowledge into an established practice either independently or in conjunction with other health care modalities and or practitioners.

This practice would provide advice and guidance to members of the public.

Competency standards

There are no national endorsed industry competency standards relevant to Psycho-nutrition, however the learning outcomes of the course reflect performance required in the workplace.

The Graduate Diploma course is written in learning outcome terms, and the assessments determine competency in these learning outcomes. The course assessment instruments are objective in nature.

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