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Joane Goulding: Australia

Founder of the Goulding Process – SleepTalk®  – Joane is a published author and international speaker with over 45 years’ experience as a teacher and educator.

Joane was for many years a Director of the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science now known as AHS, a government accredited and Registered Training Organisation. Her professional qualifications included: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Education, Supervision, Training & Development and Psycho-nutrition. Joane is an independent consultant to the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, an honorary life member of numerous hypnotherapy associations.

In 2016 Joane was recognized by her peers in the USA: The International Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association (IMDHA) in conjunction with the International Association of Counselling Therapists (IACT) awarded her: The 2016 Clinical Hypnosis Hall of Fame Award.

Abstract: The Goulding Process – Creating the Jigsaw – the Parents Solutions

The Goulding Process is about empowering parents, creating solutions and completing the Jigsaw puzzle. Enabling emotional hugs and creating happiness insurance.

Kerre Burley: Australia

Summit Convenor, Facilitator & Workshop Presenter: Kerre Burley is a quirky fun motivational speaker. She is an award winning: ‘Best Speaker’ (Australia & NZ), won a National ‘School of Excellence’ Award for Marketing & Branding. Kerre is an international professional speaker, master trainer and instructor and a Laughter Leader.

Kerre is an accredited NLP practitioner specialising in business consulting & facilitation, Team Building & Development, Leadership Training and Event Management.

Kerre is highly relatable, adaptable & “her quirky outlook on life” endears her to all in her fun yet unique presentations. Kerre heads the Goulding Process: SleepTalk® International Speaker & Marketing Division.

During this post-conference workshops, Kerre will discuss and offer a range of competences that are pre-requisites for those wishing to continue their journey with the team as an accredited professional Trainer or  join the newly formed SleepTalk® Professional Speakers Unit.

Natalie Cossar: Australia

In 1986 Natalie Cossar became the youngest female instructor/trainer of Australia’s Dale Carnegie Organisation. For three decades, working with organisations and individuals to boost their courage to become confident communicators. Establishing credibility and to engage a healthy positive mindset – both at home and in the workplace.

Abstract: Heading. 10 Seconds of Courage
When you’re ready to receive positive lasting change, Natalie will offer you smart, quick and easy principles to help you reduce your fear and suffering, and begin the building of courage and confidence, especially in speaking and presenting.

Phyllis Fisher: USA

Phyllis Fisher lives and works in the US. She is an accredited Gold Certified HypnoBirthing®, Childbirth and Fertility Educator and is on the HBI (HypnoBirthing® International Faculty) and offers the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® to her clients. She is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Doula and Family Mentor.

Abstract: Using Our Instinctual and Innate/Natural Intelligence
Combining the knowledge of the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® and HypnoBirthing®, offers parents a range of helpful skills supporting life’s everyday needs; using hypnosis, the natural laws of the mind, prenatal bonding, relaxation, fear/ limiting thought release, directly encountering and fully embracing the physical, emotional and spiritual experiences of pregnancy, birth and parenting as a celebration of life.

Hasnah A. Rahman: Singapore

Hasnah A. Rahman, based in Singapore is the Founder of Positive Focus Pte Ltd and is an accredited Goulding Process – SleepTalk® Trainer. Hasnah has worked with children, parents and educators since 1995. She is passionate about empowering her learners with tools to boost happiness, resilience and well-being.

Abstract Heading: Positive Moves to Overcome Networking Anxiety
Anxiety is rampant in today’s highly competitive society. Building and promoting a business or service can be stressful. Learn useful 2-min mind-body tools to help you deal with anxiety, maintain a happier emotional state, which is excellent for your health and business.

Maha Lahode: Switzerland

Based in Genève Switzerland, Maha is the founder and director of her wellness centre Temet Nosce. Maha is a hypnotherapist and trainer with a background in academic medicine and pathology, eye movement and consulting. Maha is an accredited Goulding Process – SleepTalk® trainer and educator.

Abstract Heading: Research, publication and application of the SleepTalk® Process
Today’s youth is being held back by new technologies and stress that limits full potential. Parents, therapists, doctors can help future generations to empower their abilities, and liaise in order to think big and global. Maha Lahode will share her empirical experience as a therapist to gather assets with professionals, maximize the complementarity of knowledge and know-how to act in favour of children … the world of tomorrow.

Carla Pahl: Hong Kong

Carla Pahl is the Director and owner operator of Just Juniors Ltd with an extensive Early Years neuro education background.  Based in Hong-Kong, Carla is an accredited Goulding Process consultant, an Australian trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and Member of the Australian Counsellors Association.

Abstract Heading: Applying the 3’cs
Commitment, Consistency and Compliance in implementing the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® can be a challenge for consultants trying to support families in a very diverse modern world.  As consultants we need to understand the psychosocial, economical and nutritional aspects of modern parenting. This talk discusses multifaceted and nuanced approaches to aid parents in implementing the three C’s.

Elaine Stoeckel: Australia

Elaine Stoeckel is a natural therapist with a background in farming, education, psychotherapy, clinical ecology, hormonal balance and weight loss. Based in Queensland, Elaine is the resident nutritional advisor and expert for the Goulding organisation. For many years Elaine has offered professional and individual, expert nutritional advise to our team members and will be available for private discussions throughout the conference.

Abstract Heading: Psycho nutrition – Keep It Super Simple
Mental health is becoming a big issue for young and old. We must ask why this is so? Let’s use the KISS principle – let nature be our food and our food be our medicine – by getting back to basics and keeping it super simple to create a happier healthier life.

Raphaela Alencar: Brazil

Based in Brazil, Raphaela was always considered the black sheep of the family. Perceiving the world on her own unique way, she decided starting on a journey of self-knowledge using the “power of subconscious mind” – which has changed her life since then. Raphaela became a Psychotherapist specializing in Hypnotherapy, mental trainer and an international speaker.  Passionate about empowering and motivating people, she developed innovative methods and courses such as NeuroLearning® and BeyondLimits, training people globally. As an Accredited Goulding Process – SleepTalk® Consultant and Trainer, she is now changing parenting perspectives from her culture and positively impacting thousands of families in Brazil.

Abstract Heading: Parenting inside out: the real talk of a lifetime
The gift of this speech is a beautiful message and reminder that a good parenting does more than just raising children – it inspires and changes the way they will see and live in the world. And by doing this, there will be more joyful in their children’s journey. It will be SleepTalk® for parents – a new and thought-provoking approach to parenting.

More amazing Speakers, Presenters and Trainers to come.

Nicolas Gerey: Hungary

(Description to come)


HOI AN , VIETNAM – OCT 04 : Paper lanterns lighted up on the streets of Hoi An ,Vietnam during the Hoi An Full Moon Lantern Festival on October 04 2017