Post Summit Workshops

ALL REGISTRATIONS Close on 1st March 2020.

Pre-Summit Workshops

For attendees who would like to take advantage of the full experience, we encourage you to extend your stay & enjoy a host of additional skills & experiences .

More exciting details to come

8:00am-12:00noon Professional Platform Presenters’ Workshop 1.  

Leaders: Kerre Burley & Natalie Cossar
Participants who attend this course will be considered & assessed as official representatives of the Goulding process – SleepTalk® for future International Conferences.

This amazing 4 hour workshop is the first of three, the ideal next step to propelling your business forward & enhance your reputation as a leading authority & travelling the world.

Just some of the Topics include:
▪ Icebreakers & fun facilitation
▪ Objectives & Preparations
▪ Identifying & Resolving Gaps
▪ Delivering Tips & Hints
▪ Technical Requirements
▪ Keeping it Interactive
▪ Challenges & Solutions
▪ Handling Interruptions
▪ Dealing with Sensitive Issues
▪ Lessons Learnt & Evaluations

12noon-12:30pm Lunch Break (free time – own expense)
12:30-5:00 pm Free Bonus of the Summit!

Refresher Workshop

Kerre Burley & Joane Goulding

This workshop is the icing on the cake & an ideal way for you to start your summit experience. Just some of the topics we will cover are:

  •  The Art of Persuasion
  • New Attachment & Attention Theory
  • Course Improvements & Developments
  • The Secret Formula for Success,
  • The Bridging Statement,
  • Time Frames v  Readiness
  • Improve workflows
  • Guidelines to Fees & Chargers
  • Improve Workflows.

Be super charged and ready to go by attending this workshop as your final bonus. (Normally Valued at $250) Attendance is FREE.

Stay Tuned More fabulous pre and post workshops to come