The Goulding Process Full Package: Book, 2CDs, Video, Skype Session + Free Postage

Package: The Goulding Process: Paperback + CD, Video, Bonus Audio, Skype Session + free postage

By Joane Goulding
Paperback version with CD


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The Goulding Process, The Foundation of SleepTalk®
includes FREE video  PLUS 10-minute Skype/Phone consultation with Joane Goulding.

1. Paperback book of The Goulding Process
2. Audio CD of bonus information
3. Video Developing a Child’s Emotional Resilience: The Mind’s Firewall
4. Audio  A Journey of the Mind (Self-hypnosis)
5. 10-minute Skype session with Joane Goulding
Free Postage

This third edition of the SleepTalk® process is now available. The Goulding Process (formally called SleepTalk® for Children) was developed in the 1970s, empowers parents to improve and balance their child’s behaviour. The dramatic positive change and calmness it creates permeate throughout the entire family. It’s for parents looking for a simple, non-intrusive way to develop a child’s emotional resilience, building the mind’s firewall, protecting it against negative suggestions. It’s been called: “The two minute gift with changes that last a lifetime.” It’s easy to learn, and takes parents only two minutes at bedtime, and it cannot be done wrong. It’s absolutely safe, ethical and positive. Parents and healthcare professionals have called the Process a powerful self-help program which parents and childcare professionals have been using for more than 35 years. They endorse it because it WORKS, helping to reduce anxiety and stress, developing a positive self-confidence, empowering children to manage, improve and balance their behaviour, anxiety and relationships.

bonus-mp4When you buy the paperback book and CD you will receive FREE a link to download a video titled Developing a Child’s Emotional Resilience: The Mind’s Firewall when Joane Goulding discusses how the SleepTalk® process works to balance children’s anxiety, stress, and relationships, and demonstrates the positive down line ramifications of change and calmness that SleepTalk® creates which permeates throughout the entire family. This video on DVD normally sells for $40 AUD.

Read the book, listen to the CD and view the MP4 first so you know what questions you want to ask, then email to schedule a Skype/Phone session with the creator of this process.

In addition, you will receive a copy of the Audio: A Journey of the Mind Self-hypnosis (mp3) by Joane Goulding (normal price $20 AUD)

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