Separation Anxiety

OMG… myself and my partner really thought our world was crumbling all around us with our daughter ‘A’ ( aged 10) . She has severe separation anxiety so bad that she would not even go into the toilet to brush her teeth unless her mum was right next to her, she would turn into someone completely different at the thought of getting left at school for even 10 mins with her mum just two min away.

We have been seeing a child psychologist at a cost of £100 per hour but 5 weeks into treatment we are still no further forward.

I was at a lost cause and thought all our life’s were ruined and didn’t hold much hope and certainly wasn’t enjoying life as it was a constant battle trying to do the right thing, the easy thing was to always be at ‘A’ side but that was an easy way out ….anyway I stumbled across the SleepTalk® process online and 7 days into it on Tuesday morning ‘A’ got up for school with no crying and off to school we went, .now ‘A’ knew we were leaving her at school for 45 mins that morning and we really were not looking forward to it but everything seemed to go really well, in fact we even left for another hour in the afternoon and it’s been the same today so two great days in a row.

I asked ‘A’ what was different about how she felt today and she said ” I feel happy and normal ” which as you can imagine was music to our ears.

I can only put it down to the foundation process so I wanted to thank you so so much for giving us our daughter back. There is still some work to be done as she still won’t go to the Park herself or sleep herself but I believe there is help that I can get from a consultant for certain things we would like for our daughter is that correct?? Again thank you so much x

SleepTalk® Parent Qld