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One Page Wisdom Joane Goulding is one of the 111 authors featured in this e-book – One Page Wisdom: Book One, features an eclectic mix of wisdom, inspirational and uplifting stories, the meaning of life, favorite quotes and sayings, loving thoughts and healing prayers, messages & channeled works, life skills, personal growth and development, positive affirmations, manifesting and abundance practices, new thought and consciousness physics, esoteric knowledge, poetry, song, verse and more. You can buy the paperback book direct from the authors themselves, online through the secure bookstore at

Here are some books you may purchase to read and enjoy, that provide more information about parenting and empowerment.

Feature books:

Norman Doidge: The Brain’s Way of Healing
We know that our minds and bodies are intricately connected, but can changing our minds improve our health?
Dr Norman Doidge is a Toronto-based psychiatrist and author of the international best-seller The Brain That Changes Itself. His work explores how the brain can change its own structure and function in response to mental experience – known as neuroplasticity — a discovery that has drastically changed our understanding of the brain and the mind. In his new book, The Brain’s Way of Healing, Norman examines the human brain’s unique way of healing. He turns on its head the century-old belief that our brains are fixed and unregenerative – unable to recover from damage or illness. The book tells optimistic stories about the way people have alleviated years of chronic pain; those living on the autism spectrum have improved their lives; symptoms of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and brain injuries have diminished, and how we may lower our risk of dementia.

The Brain That Changes Itself
Author: Norman Doidge, M.D.
This is a book about stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science. The book states that: “Norman Doidge, M.D., is a research psychiatrist and psychoanalyst on the faculty at the Columbia University Psychoanalytic centre in New York and the University of Toronto, as well as an award-winning writer. He has presented his scientific research at the White House.”

The Mastery Club: See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible
Author: Liliane Grace
The Mastery Club
is a prize-winning novel about five kids who form a club to support each other in achieving their goals and dreams.

10 Seconds of Courage
Natalie Cossar
this beautifully insightful book explains that courage is the means to developing confidence and stepping up as a successful presenter

The Philosophical Baby, The Scientist in the Crib
Alison Gopnic

Evolve your Brain
Dr. Joe Dispenza D.C. suggests that what you believe is based upon what knowledge you have to date and what life experiences you have recorded in your mind, which are then reflected (physically constructed) within your brain. Dr Joe mastered this art when he healed 6 broken vertebrae in his spine in 10 weeks. This book isn’t about positive thinking it’s about engaging some simple neuroscience techniques. Neuroplasticity.

Supplement a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
This book contains hundreds of scientific references and loads of common sense, it will convince even the staunchest sceptic that we can longer get the nutrients we need from our food alone. On the road from the depleted and sick soils in which our foods are grown to the dinner plate, most of our food’s nutrient content is lost.

Bumi and the WOKABUG
Author: Jennifer Richards
(Childrens’ book) An exciting journey of prehistoric magnitude, set deep in a Paleolithic forest of fun, laughter, love, inspiration and sky-scraping trees of happiness…

The Journey® an extraordinary guide for healing your life and setting yourself free
The journey guides the reader directly to the root cause of any long standing difficulty and then gives the tools to finally and completely resolve it.
Author: Brandon Bays – Publisher Element – 2003
Rosanna Mosca is a accredited Journey® therapist, you can contact her via this link.

Grow Up; How to raise an adult by being one yourself
Author: John Cheetham
Publisher Wilkins Farago – 2001
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Toxic Parents – Overcoming their hurtful legacy and reclaiming your life
Authors: Susan Forward & Craig Buck
Publisher Bantam Books – USA – 1989

You Can Heal Your Life
Author: Louise L Hay
Publisher Specialist Publications – NSW Australia 1988

How you can be Boss of Bladder
Author: Janet Hall Publisher Pennon Publishing 2003

Putting it all together: The New Orthomolecular Nutrition
Author: Hoffer Abram & Walker Morton
Publisher Keats 1996

The Family Guide to Homeopathy. The Safe Form of Medicine for the Future.
Author: Andrew Lockie
Publisher Hamish Hamilton 1989

Empower Yourself. A Practical Guide to Building Self Esteem
Author: Clive Murphy Publisher Clive Murphy P.O. Box 2421 – Wagga Wagga – NSW – 2650 – Australia
Clive Murphy is a accredited SleepTalk® Coach, you can contact him via this link

The Crystal Children
Author: Doreen Virtue Ph.D.
A guide to the newest generation of psychic and sensitive children.
Published by Hay House 2003

The Indigo Children. The New Kids have arrived
Authors: Lee Carroll & Jan Tober
This book is a must for parents of unusually bright and active children.
– Publisher Hay House – California – USA – 1999

You can Sleep Soundly Every Night Without Drugs
Author: Ian Brighthope Publisher Bay Books – NSW – Australia

The Mind Game
Author: Phillip Day Publisher Credence Publications – UK

Inside an Autistic World: Spiritual Experiences of People with Autism
Interviews with Hilke, Andreas, Erik and Martin Osika and Jos Meereboer

Birth Made Easy
Author:Paola Bagnall
This book focuses on how you can take control of your mind and body using ‘Hypnobirthing’ so that birth becomes the straightforward process it is meant to be. Book & CD/MP3

Hypnodontics: A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotherapists By Beryl Comar

A Disease Called Childhood, Why ADHD Became an American Epidemic Marilyn Wedge
The case against labelling and medicating children, and effective alternatives for treating them. In the United States, at least 9% of school-aged children have been diagnosed with ADHD, and are taking pharmaceutical medications. In France, the percentage of kids diagnosed and medicated for ADHD is less than .5%. How come the epidemic of ADHD—which has become firmly established in the United States—has almost completely passed over children in France?

The Woman Who Changed Her Brain Barbara Arrow-Smith
Unlocking the extraordinary potential of the human mind.

Additive Alert It’s a sad fact, but food is not just food anymore. Over the past 50 years the use of food additives has skyrocketed to the point where very few of us have any real idea exactly what`s in the food we eat. Alarmingly, the rates of diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, autism, depression, asthma and ADHD have also increased dramatically over this time.

Sleeping Like a Baby Author: Pinky McKay
Simple sleep solutions for infants and toddlers”.
Pub: Penguin Books,
Australia 2006
ISBN 978 0 14 300452 3

Tapping The Healer Within. Using Thought Field Therapy to Instantly Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties and Emotional Distress Roger Callahan details simple yet powerful techniques to assist you to re-balance your world. The ‘Thought Field Therapy’ process is explained in detail. How to eliminate issues such as fear and anxiety and it is a most powerful technique which takes only a few moments once you have learnt the process.
Author: Roger Callahan & Richard Trubo – Publisher Contemporary Books – 2001
Rosanna Mosca is a accredited Thought Field therapist

What do you really want for your Children Author: Wayne Dyer
Publisher Hay House – California – USA – 1985

Staying on the Path Author: Wayne Dyer
Publisher Hay House – California USA 1995

The Power is Within You Author: Louise L Hay
Publisher Specialist Publications – NSW – Australia 1991

Easy Toilet Training Author: Janet Hall
Publisher Pennon Publishing 2003

Optimum Nutrition for the Mind Author: Holford Patrick
Publisher Piatkus 2003

Follow your heart; Finding purpose in your life and Work Author: Andrew Matthews
Publisher Seashell – P.O. Box 325 – Trinity Beach – QLD – Australia

You have the Power Author: Clive Murphy – Publisher Clive Murphy – P.O. Box 2421 – Wagga Wagga – NSW – 2650 – Australia
Clive Murphy is a accredited SleepTalk® Coach, you can contact him via this link.

The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children A guide to the care and food preparation of indigo children.
Author: Doreen Virtue Ph.D. – Publisher Hay House – 2001

The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out The explosive child in this delightful book lives in an angry family and he gets angry in return in ways that upset others.

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You Author: Ray D. Strand M.D.


The revolting child – A blessing in disguise Author: Lillian Reekie Publisher Health & Wealth Solutions 2009

The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism Author: Naoki Higashida