The Big News Coming 2020

Our first ever International SleepTalk® Summit !

Call all our Pioneers / trendsetter and entrepreneurs. Be present for this landmark event.

Our very very very first one in the Magical City of Hoi An Viet Name. Sure, its an adventure and we know many of us will have to travel far and wide to get there but it will be worth it.

Over 12 International SleepTalk Speakers from around the globe. Unforgettable activities. Extended time for networking & sharing. Gala Dinner, Team Building Morning. This will not be like any other conference, you have ever been too, this is family. You will make connections that will last a lifetime.

And come away with so much more. We are sooooo excited. Check it out here .

Still spots & time available, so don’t find yourself regretting your inaction later. There will never be another FIRST SUMMIT for us. Book & Register today. And we will see you in on the 19th March 2020




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Psycho – Nutrition for Children

By Joane Goulding

Many have asked for additional information and/or appropriate psycho-nutrition products. Although for many years accredited to prescribe nutritional products I need to qualify that:

I am not a partner with any specific group or organisation & I am not currently TGA accredited and am therefore unable to prescribe.

In Australia all nutritionals are listed with the Therapeutic Goods Act and ingredients are sourced adhering to GMP Food Standards. Many countries including Australia have very strict guidelines and globally many avenues to buy nutritional products. Social retail industry and customer based organisations are starting to replace the previous MLM business models that many of us were aware off in the past.

Due diligence: As a Goulding Process SleepTalk® intern/consultant take the opportunity to do your own due diligence and research regarding appropriate products and information when working with clients.  Suggest clients talk with their health professional and research alternatives. Members of the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® organisation access to support and guidance with our own nutritional expert, Elaine Stoeckel.

Sourcing combinations of B group vitamins: As a general rule, when dealing with distress/anxiety give consideration to sourcing a combination B group vitamin to assist.

A great source of information and professional assistance can be found by visiting . There are a wide range of products available globally including in Australia and other countries.

Sourcing appropriate products as an online customer can be very time consuming. One such source is taken from the Bloomberg Company Overview with a snapshot of companies, products, method of distribution and details executive officers.

In the past I have prescribed and personally used products from a wide range and combination of manufacturers and companies with various business models. So research and gain your own information as avoiding over 3000 controversial/harmful ingredients that are contained in so many products is extremely important.

Our health and the future health of our children – as a preventative measure is essential and easier than cure. As an online global customer there are many nutritional warehouses which are open for the public to buy from.

Here are some options:

Efamol: Their products are on sale around the world via local distributors who may be able to supply Efamol Ltd to you directly and conveniently, saving you time and any applicable import duties: Efamol Ltd specialises in essential fatty acid (EFA) based products, so called because these fats are essential for the healthy functioning of every cell in the human body.

Efamol Ltd sources only high-quality fish oils and Evening Primrose Oils from their own exclusive seed to provide the Omega-3 and Omega-6 families of nutrients that form the basis of all their products

Blackmores: This manufacturer and organization has many discount offers that might be of interest. They manufacture many health and psycho-nutrition products and have some of the latest health and wellbeing tips, promotions and more.

Modere: A global source of nutritional safe products is and their route to market is direct sales within the MLM industry.  This is actually my choice as they have now become a 95% social retail industry which is customer based. If you use the following code 693124 – you will receive a discount on your first order.

Hivita: Complete multivitamin to help fight stress, nervous tension and mild anxiety, may help reduce tiredness, elevate mood and boost energy levels. Available in Health Food stores in Australia and is a psycho- nutrition product that I used to prescribed daily.

Pro-Bono Support: Do your own due diligence as there are multiple choices and the above mentioned are only some of many sources available. Members of the SleepTalk® organisation, access is available to Pro-bono support and guidance with our own nutritional expert Elaine Stoeckel.