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Kerre Burley (CEO)

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Location: Hallam, Victoria, Australia
Languages: English

After meeting  Joane Goulding over 15 years ago, Kerre used The Goulding Process -Sleeptalk® on the last of her five sons & believes it made a positive difference to his demeanour & upbringing. She truly wishes she had learnt of the process sooner for her other sons.

Kerre became a Goulding  SleepTalk® consultant when returning to Australia & is also an award winning presenter & business trainer.  She dedicates her time to assisting her existing SleepTalk® families and as the current CEO of the Goulding Institute. Kerre assists Goulding SleepTalk consultants, trainers and interns throughout the world assist families to overcome childhood challenges.. 

Kerre’s specialises in Busy Professional Couples and her consulting services include a specialised “SleepTalk® Shortcut Sessions” through to comprehensive “Parenting Packages”, assisting parents who are tech savvy, time conscious & extremely stressed. 

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Available For
Professional SleepTalk® Keynote Presentations, Group Workshops, Online Workshops &  Consultations.

Mobile: 047 873 9995

Kerre Burley



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The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®  Workbooks

These short 10-page PDF format documents are intended as a ‘quick-start guide’ to using SleepTalk® with their children.

Workbooks are available in: English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Malay,  Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian. Other languages will be available in the future.

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The full book is also available in Romanian

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