Goulding SleepTalk Professional Interns

The world needs more Official Goulding SleepTalk® Professional Interns

All professional Interns registered on the International Register are completing their final assessment as a Goulding Process – SleepTalk® Consultant. They have signed a professional code of practice and have appropriate qualifications to become accredited. If the professional you are researching is not listed on this page, they are not governed by our strict code of professional ethics and code of practice.

These Professional SleepTalk® interns are permitted & highly skilled to work directly with you, the parents & will be able to assist you to improve, correct or address challenges with your children. The interns are listed below, under their supervising SleepTalk® Trainer.

Congratulations, if you are selected, please be aware your intern will not ask for remuneration as they are still under training,  however you will be asked to complete a contract of co-operation document and it is hoped provide them with a glowing reference or recommendation at the conclusion of your time together.


Parents please note, if someone claims they are an Professional SleepTalk® Intern, and they are not listed on this page – or if someone claims they are an Accredited SleepTalk® Consultant and they are not listed in the SleepTalk® Consultant’s Directory – please refuse to deal with them and contact us immediately.


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