I remember when

How many times have you heard older people say ‘I remember when?’

Well … I am saying it now.

I remember when … children drank milk without any side effects

  • Santa threw peanuts in the shell for the children to gather and eat
  • Children ate anything and everything with no adverse reaction
  • Children played in the dirt, ate it and got dirty
  • Children entertained themselves outdoors for hours

Yes, there were some accidents but I believe that set our children up for the hazards of life and how to deal with them.  Life was simple then.

So where have we gone wrong?

Allergies and food intolerances are prevalent

Children are being born with serious health issues now common. Immune systems so compromised as to have any resistance to infection and disease.

My question is ‘Why is this happening? ‘What is the cause?’

As a naturopath I believe we would be a lot healthier by getting back to basics and keeping it simple. We have a tendency to over complicate the issue. Look for the simple solution first.

Let’s start with a common ingredient, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate, used in most ‘foaming’ products that we use daily, such as soaps, shampoos, bubblebath and toothpaste (why we need foam in our mouth I don’t know). This is not a cancer forming ingredient but it does damage the skin to such an extent as to increase absorption of any other carcinogenic ingredients.

Safety Data Sheet states SLS and SLES keeps children’s eyes from developing properly, accumulates in the heart, liver, lungs and brain, corrodes the hair follicle and impairs hair growth besides irritating the skin. These are a few of the effects of just one ingredient and there are many in each product.

Simple solution – eliminate it from your daily use. How? Buy products that don’t contain SLS. Easy? No – you will have to search for a reliable company which eliminates this ingredient. Please research it well – there are some companies that are becoming aware of the health issue of SLS/SLES. There is also a company that has been aware for over 25 years and through research has now eliminated over 3000 harmful/dangerous ingredients. Your children’s future is in your hands.

For more info contact me or check out the SleepTalk nutrition page.

Written by Elaine Stoeckel, Goulding Institute Nutrition Consultant