Fear of dogs – 5 year old

Mum called feeling very distressed about her daughter, E who had been suffering a real phobia of dogs and also with high levels of social anxiety and separation issues. The teachers at ‘E’s’ primary school had also noted that E had been seen quite often on her own in the playground. Both parents had tried absolutely everything to help their daughter with her phobia of dogs which had got out of hand to the point where they weren’t able to visit anyone who had a dog which wasn’t locked up. In the past both parents had taken ‘E’ to see a child psychologist, a paediatrician, a male hypnotherapist (E didn’t feel comfortable with him) and a GP and nothing had been able to help their daughter up to this point. Feeling fed up and at their wits end with what to do mum told me “You are our last hope, we just don’t know what to do anymore?” The parents started the Sleep Talk for Process straight away and within a few weeks they already started to notice a marked improvement in ‘E’s level of confidence at being able to be left on her own. Within the next 6 weeks, E was beginning to demonstrate a much higher level of more confidence around dogs, herself and others. There was a very noticeable in E’s response to dogs, when they went to the park and she saw a dog instead of the old reaction to run and scream, E stayed calm and didn’t panic; both parents were amazed by such a quick positive change in behaviour. Previously she would have been petrified and screamed and now she was much calmer. During the 3 months both parents described the results as astounding. Mum said “we have our daughter back and you have changed our entire family’s lives, we can’t thank you enough”. Mum told me they can’t believe after all they have been through just how much this whole processed worked to get their girl and their family such amazing results…

The end result, E is now playing happily in the playground at school with friends, E is calm, confident and happy. E no longer suffers separation anxiety and is a happy confident little girl AND E asked her mum and dad if she could have a family pet; A DOG!!!!

Nicole Lane – Accredited SleepTalk Consultant.