Fear and lack of confidence

Ten year old sibling of Case 1 presents as a well adjusted young person with no apparent need for SleepTalk®.  Joane encourages the parents to use the Foundation process on the sibling also.  After 2-3 weeks the brother’s name is inserted into the Foundation statements. (as per case 1).
Case 2 is a competitive acrobat, having represented the state at National Level at the age of nine.  On the surface she seems capable and the sort of person who takes everything in her stride.  However, she is actually highly stressed due to the demands of competition and she is starting to doubt her ability to execute certain skills within the routine.
Joane and the girl’s mother quickly work together (first qualifying competition is three weeks away) to come up with some primary suggestions to add to the Foundation process.  The ‘Specific’ suggestion they choose incorporated statements that encouraged remaining calm, relaxed, secure and remaining positive”.

Due to school holidays and absences of other members of the team, it is uncertain for the first two weeks if the primary suggestions are being accepted.  At the first training session of the new term, with only one training session to go before the competition, case 2 reports how she executed the routine from start to finish, including her back sault to tummy (her primary fear), with absolutely no assistance from the coaches.  She is clearly delighted with her performance.