Negative until Proof

I had a mother, she was really negative…she thought that it will not work. I was kind of frustrated. I encouraged her over and over again.

She wanted to give up….she was so focused on the negative…I was phoning with her several times….and she was writing me negative emails where she told me what I was doing wrong….yesterday we came together for a second appointment.

With the papers you gave us – the ‘Where does my child stand now’ questionnaire I was sure, there was a change…at the end of this appointment she was so happy, she had proof that there was some improvement!!!

She could see it on the paper…! And I was excited that this person, that was so negative….had the proof…. Now she wants to go on with the process

SleepTalk® Accredited Consultant Nicole Wackernagel-Holzer – Switzerland 2014