Autism – High Functioning

Did another stage 2 Assessment with a mum today – her son is 10yrs old turning 11 later this year so he’s not young per say and has a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism. And the change in him with the Foundation Statement has been phenomenal; I actually had a lump in my throat as Mum was describing the fact that she now has her family back and her boy.

He also sits bolt upright during the process, eyes wide open and says “I know you love me!” every night, then lays down and continues sleeping.

The School have noted that from a boy who was angry, withdrawn and unable to cope with aspects of school i.e. Assembly and gym – He was given an award for his progress, giving a talk to his Class, taking part in gym, joining his class at Assembly… it just goes on…

Jane Clark – Intern – UK – 2014