Do you have an air freshener in your home or car?

Air Fresheners

Advertising tells us we need fresheners for that clean fresh smell and to ward off any bugs that may harm us.

Have you ever considered what may be in those commercial air fresheners? Would you be surprised if I said they contain dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) like benzene, limonene, formaldehyde and petroleum distillates? I bet you are surprised.

These VOC’s may cause asthma and other respiratory symptoms, eye irritation, bone damage and leukaemia. Many children also get headache type symptoms when breathing in some of these so-called lovely smells.

In 2007 14 brands were tested and found most of them, even those labelled ‘all natural’ or ‘unscented’, contained dangerous chemicals such as phthalates linked to hormone disruption and reproductive problems.

Is this a fair trade off for that fresh smell? Why not use pure essential oils if you want a pleasant smell, or baking soda, great for absorbing odours, both are a much safer alternative to keep you and your family home free of potentially harmful ingredients.

And what is the matter with opening doors and windows and allow the fresh air to circulate? Much healthier alternative.