Feedback about Joane Goulding

Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute

Larry and I have had the pleasure of knowing Joane Goulding for some years and have found her to be very professional in her knowledge and a generous person when it comes to sharing that knowledge.

In the early 1980’s she and her late husband Jim Goulding taught the Elman methods to their graduate Diploma students studying at the Government accredited Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science.

We share, on a regular basis. our thoughts and feelings of how Dave’s methods have grown globally and have evolved, much like Dave’s methods developed through collaboration in his years of teaching physicians and dentists. Joane is extremely professional in the events she plans and her presentations she gives.

She excels in her networking and follow-up and we support her in all her endeavours. As an instructor, she is detailed and motivating with a great sense of humour. For many years Joane has specialized in teaching professional therapists to become accredited Goulding SleepTalk® consultants and as a result assisted many families and children around the world to benefit from the process.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to endorse both Joane Goulding and the SleepTalk® Process.

USA – 2013 Cheryl J Elman CH, CMT: President – Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute

Jeff Berger, Consulting Psychologist

I have known Joane Goulding personally and professionally for over thirty years. Joane has developed over time a significant treatment programme for children known as SleepTalk®, to assist in working with children across a number of areas, including but not limited to, confidence, self-esteem and behavioural concerns.

Having used and recommended SleepTalk® in my role as a psychologist in private practice, I can testify to the power of this approach in impacting significantly and positively in the lives of my young clients and their parents.

SleepTalk® has a lot to offer, both in Australia and internationally, and I am delighted to see that a large number of people have been, and are being, trained as accredited SleepTalk® consultants in a number of countries.

While SleepTalk® is simple to learn and easy to administer, the results can be life-changing for children, and their parents and/or carers.

As well as developing SleepTalk® Joane has built up an extremely professional and vibrant organization in the Goulding Institute, which offers a number of courses in allied health care and associated disciplines. Joane is also an accomplished educator and presenter in her own right as well as a skilful networker and organizer.

All of these abilities are always exercised by Joane with a great deal of wisdom and humour. I am very pleased to know Joane both as a colleague and as a friend.

I am also pleased to assist her by being her mentor and psychological supervisor. I wish her well in all her future endeavours and I am very happy to commend both SleepTalk® and the Goulding Institute.

Australia – Victoria – 2014 – Psychological Mentor

Chairman UK – Hypnotherapy Association

I must admit to a degree of scepticism even though the course was very thorough and mind provoking (I thought I was good at understanding and using language but learned to think even more in depth).

On my return, I needed to find three clients as case studies and we all know that “freebies” tend to be the most unsuccessful of our outcomes.

To my delight and amazement, there was success within weeks of using the process. The core statement was sufficient for two of my case studies and the other (which was a very complex situation) was resolved by adding a second level of affirmation after six weeks of using the core statement.

All parents have been delighted and one reported that the Grandmother of one child said she wishes it had been around when her children were young.

All this and it only takes two minutes a night! It truly is like a miracle and so simple to use. Like the grandparent, I wish the Goulding Sleep Talk process had been available when I had small children.

UK – 2013 – Josephine P Teague PhD MSc


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